, Training Helicopter Tender
Training Helicopter Tender

Training Helicopter Tender January 30, 2019

US Navy decided to replace training helicopters with new platforms in its inventory. In this context, the request for proposal document was published for a new platform to be procured.

On January 28, request for proposal document was published for the new helicopter, which was planned to replace the TH-57B Sea Ranger platforms, which would have end of their life. 130 new helicopters will be procured within the scope of the tender to be opened. The deadline for submission of the aircrafts is 2 April 2019. The new platform is expected to be determined in the first quarter of 2020 and then deliveries are expected. The US plans to retire entire TH-57 fleet in 2023.

In the program called TH-XX it is expected Airbus will join with H135; Bell Bell 407 GXi and Bell 429 GlobalRanger and Leonardo is expected to take part in the TH-119 helicopter.

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