Two Offers to Switzerland

Two Offers to Switzerland 26 March, 2019

A bid for the new generation air defence system was presented by two participants. The tender for the Air2030 Program included three candidates. Israel which invited with David’s Sling system did not made an offer.
The US participant Raytheon joined the tender with Patriot system and European participant Eurosam made a bid with  SAMP / T. The procurement process will continue with the analysis and testing phase just as in the aircraft procurement phase. Teams to be commissioned by Switzerland in the May-August 2019 period will carry out detailed analyses up to the maintenance and training requirements of the systems. From mid-August to the end of September, the surface to air sensors will be tested in Switzerland. There will be no firing under the trials. The evaluation and analysis of the systems will be evaluated together with the 30-year life cycle costs and the efficiency levels will be calculated and final decisions will be made according to these results

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