, Ukraine Returns EW Helicopters in Service
Ukraine Returns EW Helicopters in Service

Ukraine Returns EW Helicopters in Service January 14, 2019

The Ukrainian Air Force has returned to service two Soviet-era Mi-8 EW helicopters after a prolonged grounding. Both of these machines, produced in the late 1980s, were cycled through overhaul at the Konotop Aircraft Repair Plant. Ukraine refurbishes older Soviet-era systems and acquires more advanced weapons and military equipment.

The Ukrainian Air Force formally accepted delivery of the Mi-8MTPB and Mi-8MTPI helicopters at a ceremony at Ozerne Air Base on December, 2018.

The Mi-8MTPB carries communications jamming suite the Bison system. Bison’s main job is to scramble hostile radios and other communications nodes, but also has a radio direction finding capability to locate those targets.

The Mi-8MTPI has also Ikebana jamming system, which is a stand-off jammer intended to disrupt an opponent’s battlefield radars, including air search and fire control types associated with air defence systems.

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