Unmanned Air Defence System

Unmanned Air Defence System 22 May, 2020

Advancing in control and imaging technologies enable unmanned vehicles to be customized for different tasks.

Unmanned ground vehicles (UGV), which started to become widespread with tasks such as weapon carrier platform and supply transportation, came to the agenda with the anti-ship missions. This time UGVs made their voice heard from Belarus with an air defence role. Belarus-based New Technologies LLC announced the unmanned aerial defence system called Berserk. Developed against low-flying unmanned aerial vehicles, helicopters and other platforms, the system can be also effective against soft enemy elements on the ground. The vehicle, which has a twin GShG 7.62 mm machine gun, enables use with a LOS range of 2,000 and indirectly from 5,000 metres. With its tracked structure, the platform, which does not lose its mobility in difficult terrain conditions, can make target detection from 10 km distance thanks to modern electro-optic systems.

Unmanned Air Defence System

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