Uzbekistan Conducts FD-2000 Air-Defence Test

Uzbekistan Conducts FD-2000 Air-Defence Test 25 November, 2019

The Ministry of Defence of Uzbekistan has tested the FD-2000 long-range anti-aircraft missile system (SAM) purchased from China in the interests of the country's air defence. This was reported by the press service of the Uzbek military department.

The tests were conducted at the Kulkuduk firing range in the Navoi province, according to the Tashkent Times.

The FD-2000s were delivered to Uzbekistan in late November 2018. The deliveries were marked in a report from the O'Zbekiston 24 news channel released at the time. However, this is the first known test of the system in Uzbek service.

The HQ-9 was created by the China Academy of Defence Technology. The FD-2000 is the export designation for China's HQ-9 air-defence system. It is a medium-altitude, medium-range design intended to provide protection against aircraft using 'hide-shoot-and-scoot' tactics to avoid any electronic countermeasures or anti-radiation missiles.

The system has a maximum slant-engagement range of 125 km based on the capabilities of the HT-233 target-acquisition radar.


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