“Vertigo” Caused F-35 Crash

“Vertigo” Caused F-35 Crash 10 June, 2019

Cause of the Japan's F-35A Lightning II accident accident is announced. According to a statement from Japan, aircraft crashed into the ocean because of the vertigo.

28 minutes after taking off from Misawa in the Aomori Region, aircraft disappeared from the radar and crashed in the Pacific Ocean at 1100 km / h. Japanese officials said the pilot probably suffered vertigo, so he lost the spatial orientation. Aircraft's pilot which costed $ 126 million per unit has a flight time of only 60 hours. Despite warning systems warnings and indicators pilot did not try to save the aircraft or ejection.

In aviation, the loss of spatial orientation “vertigo” can be experienced by pilots many times during their flight lives. Generally, when flying over the sea or in the absence of visual references, the situation may be caused by a failure of the vestibular balance system in the inner ear of the pilot. There are also remedial actions for any flyer that is not connected to age or experience. The easiest way to get rid of the vertigo is to correct the plane using the aircraft attitude indicator. Every aircraft has this indicator. Ground is colored with darker colors and the sky is colored with light colors in attitude indicators. In the trainings where the vertigo is processed, it is learned that pilots not to trust their feelings when the vertigo is felt and continue the flight by getting information from the attitude indicator.

“Vertigo” Caused F-35 Crash

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