Yaycı's Theory Became a Book

Yaycı's Theory Became a Book September 5, 2019

Greece-based internet "On Alert" website has published news about Navy Chief of Staff Admiral Cihat Yayci’s theory on Turkey's the Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea. The inscription of "Blue Homeland theory and Turkey's demand for the Eastern Mediterranean” are now finding a place in the Navy’s book. Anyone interested may buy from the Maritime Museum bookstores or you can buy online" was said. Freelance journalist in Istanbul Manolis Kostidis said he obtained the book by visiting the Maritime Museum. The name of the book is Münhasır Ekonomik Bölge Kavramı Sorular ve Cevaplar (Exclusive Economic Zone Concept Questions and Answers) The site notes that the book shows a series of theories and maps showing Turkish positions and intentions and that the main purpose is to direct the reader to the theories that Yaycı’s vision. Yaycı, has asked the Turkish government many times to declare the exclusive economic zone directly to Libya. He emphasizes that instead of becoming a country that objecting to the exclusive economic zone agreements signed by the coastal countries, we should show that we are ready to sign the exclusive economic zone and agreements“.

Yaycı's Theory Became a Book

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