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02.10.2017 13:39

TAI Announcement

Turkish Aerospace Industries, Inc. (TAI) has won the business from AIRBUS S.A.S. – the leading aircraft manufacturer, covering the Design, Build and Supply of “Pratt and Whitney (PW) Nacelle Fan Cowl” for the bestselling A320Neo Aircraft.

The A320Neo family has two engine options, where TAI will supply the “Fan Cowls” of PW1100G-JM engines functioning to protect the jet engine from external impacts and completing the aircraft’s aerodynamic integrity. According to the contract signed with Airbus, TAI will design and manufacture A320Neo PW Nacelle Fan Cowls as sole source throughout the entire program lifetime.

The PW Fan Cowls will be designed and built at its state-of-the-art TAI’s Ankara Kahramankazan premises in Turkey, where the Company is already contracted to design, build and supply of AIRBUS A350 XWB Ailerons, build and supplies of Airbus A330 Rudders, Airbus A320 Section 19 Barrel and Airbus A320 Section 18 Shells along with the supplies of fuselage sections and control surfaces of various commercial/military aircraft platforms.


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