Issue 56  
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Submarine Intensity Increases in the Far East Agenda 20.01.2018 Halil Zanapaoğlu
Bid Time for ACV 1.1 Agenda 20.01.2018 Halil Zanapaoğlu
Hisar-O Tests at Salt Lake Agenda 20.01.2018 Halil Zanapaoğlu
Delay on S-400 Agenda 19.01.2018 Halil Zanapaoğlu
UAV Competition Agenda 19.01.2018 Halil Zanapaoğlu
Mine Clearance Mission to Altay Agenda 19.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
Carrier Rotary Wing Trials Set To Begin Agenda 19.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
Special Op Vehicle Boost to New Zealand Agenda 19.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
Bulgaria's Su-25 Fleet Grounded Agenda 19.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
Israel Going Mobile Agenda 19.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
J-20 Conducted First Exercise Agenda 19.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
Countdown Began for New Transport Aircraft Agenda 19.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
New Base to US Navy Agenda 19.01.2018 Halil Zanapaoğlu
US Offers 'SuperCobra' Agenda 18.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
G36 To Replace AK-4 Agenda 18.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
'Spike' Deal Back on the Table Agenda 18.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
S-400 Deliveries to China Commenced Agenda 18.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
$500 Million Rifle Purchase by India Agenda 18.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
'High' Collaboration in UAVs Agenda 18.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
Stinger Again Agenda 18.01.2018 Halil Zanapaoğlu
OSV-96 at Asia Agenda 18.01.2018 Halil Zanapaoğlu
B-52s To Assume Responsibility from Lancers Agenda 17.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
India Simplifies Procurement Procedures Agenda 17.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
Sarsılmaz Ranked First in the Handgun Race Agenda 17.01.2018 Özgür Ekşi
Norway, Finland Cooperates In Missile Systems Agenda 17.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
F-35 Qualification to Nimitz Agenda 17.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
ASELSAN Announcement Announcements 17.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
IN, Wants $25 Billion for Third Carrier Agenda 17.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
Poland Invites Leonardo For Talks Agenda 17.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
Modernized 'Pechora' Passed Tests Agenda 17.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
New Submarines Launched Agenda 16.01.2018 Halil Zanapaoğlu
TF-X Discussed Agenda 16.01.2018 Halil Zanapaoğlu
Transition to Domestic Systems in Air Defence Agenda 16.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
Leonardo To Lead The EU Project Agenda 16.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
India Retired Two Corvettes Agenda 16.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
PLAN Inducts Type 054A Frigate Agenda 16.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
HMS Audacious Completes First Dive Agenda 16.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
Deal Inked on National Defence System Agenda 16.01.2018 Özgür Ekşi
T-50's Stuck in Malaysia Agenda 16.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
'CODE' Program Moves Into 3rd Phase Agenda 15.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
Blackbird Replacement Concept by Boeing Agenda 15.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
Target 'Reduced' In Frigate Program Agenda 15.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
Radar Defect Will Cost Belgium 18 Months Agenda 15.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
2018's First Exercise to Focus on Landing on Highways Agenda 15.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
T-50 Deliveries to Thailand Delayed Agenda 15.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
US Army Realigns AH-64E Apache FOTE Agenda 15.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
Canadian Hand to the Mexican C-130s Agenda 13.01.2018 Halil Zanapaoğlu
Ship Construction: Ahead Full Agenda 13.01.2018 Halil Zanapaoğlu
Wi-Fi gets in battlefield Agenda 13.01.2018 Özgür Ekşi
Indonesia Strengthens Navy Agenda 12.01.2018 Halil Zanapaoğlu
Piranhas Go Up to Balkans Agenda 12.01.2018 Halil Zanapaoğlu
Military Satellite “Zuma” Goes Missing After SpaceX Launch Agenda 12.01.2018 Özgür Ekşi
Solution Quest for Autonomous Helo Agenda 12.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
Korea Eyes Turkish Market for T-50 Agenda 12.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
TAI Took Another Step For Skilled Labour Agenda 12.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
Greenlight for SM-3 Sales to Japan Agenda 12.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
UK's Final Farewell To Lynx Agenda 12.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
US Seeks More Than 100 Light Attack Helos Agenda 12.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
Sarsılmaz's MPT-76 is Ready Agenda 10.01.2018 Özgür Ekşi
A-10 Thunderbolt II's Grounded Agenda 10.01.2018 Özgür Ekşi
LaWS on LPD Again Agenda 10.01.2018 Özgür Ekşi
BMPT Surprise Agenda 10.01.2018 Özgür Ekşi
Electronic Warfare System Contract to Lockheed Agenda 10.01.2018 Özgür Ekşi
Capability Demonstration by HERO 400EC Agenda 10.01.2018 Özgür Ekşi
India Cancelled Minesweeper Project with S. Korea Agenda 10.01.2018 Özgür Ekşi
New Workhorse to the PLA Agenda 09.01.2018 Özgür Ekşi
Cold Shower at JSTARS Agenda 09.01.2018 Özgür Ekşi
Su-30 Delivery to Kazakh Armed Forces Agenda 09.01.2018 Özgür Ekşi
Israeli Offer to Thailand's APC Upgrade Tender Agenda 09.01.2018 Özgür Ekşi
T-50 Deliveries to Thailand Begin Agenda 09.01.2018 Özgür Ekşi
Raytheon, D13 Partnered for Counter-UAV Solutions Agenda 09.01.2018 Özgür Ekşi
Russia to Set up Counter-UAV Task Force Agenda 09.01.2018 Özgür Ekşi
Outer Hatch of the Sub Left Open Agenda 09.01.2018 Özgür Ekşi
Japan's First Indigenous Supersonic Missile Ready For Serial Production Agenda 08.01.2018 Özgür Ekşi
L3 Boosts International Initiatives via New Companies Agenda 08.01.2018 Özgür Ekşi
Australia Equips Hobart Class With New CEC System Agenda 08.01.2018 Özgür Ekşi
US Greenlight to Mexico Agenda 08.01.2018 Özgür Ekşi
Two new signatures from India Agenda 08.01.2018 Özgür Ekşi
Air Defence partnership with Eurosam Agenda 05.01.2018 Özgür Ekşi
Saudi Arabian Defence Budget Expands Further Agenda 05.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
Chinese Era in the Space Agenda 05.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
Su-30SM Will Form the Backbone of Russian Naval Aviation Agenda 05.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
Record Holder Helo Inducted to the Army Agenda 05.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
Typhoon To Drop Into Conflict Zone Agenda 05.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
ASELSAN Set Hands On Concrete Agenda 05.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
China Began Construction of Third Aircraft Carrier Agenda 05.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
French FAC to Saudi Navy Agenda 05.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
A400M Production Rate To Decrease Agenda 04.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
First Export Customer for Saab's New Torpedo Agenda 04.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
Fast Attack Craft Test-fired 'Harbah' Missile Agenda 04.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
LCH Met Expectations, IAF Wants More Agenda 04.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
India Cancelled 'Spike' Order Agenda 04.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
Second Su-35 Delivery to China Agenda 04.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
First SOM-B1 Delivery Realized Agenda 04.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
German-Norwegian Partnership For Submarines Agenda 04.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
Deliveries to Ukraine Completed Agenda 04.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
BAE Systems To Commence Serial Production Agenda 04.01.2018 Özgür Ekşi
New Configuration of 'Sea Giraffe', Ready Agenda 03.01.2018 Özgür Ekşi
F-35s To Receive Data Exchange System Agenda 03.01.2018 Özgür Ekşi
Ukraine's New Tactical Missile System Unveiled Agenda 03.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
Brazil Announced Purchase of HMS Ocean Agenda 03.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
'LCS 14' Passed Acceptance Tests Agenda 03.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
2017 Export Figures Announced Agenda 03.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
Poland Boosts Navy Capabilities Agenda 03.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
India to Replace Russian Air Defence Systems Agenda 03.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
USN Chose GA-EMS LDUUV Programme Agenda 03.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
Advanced Training Ship to RoKN Agenda 03.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
Bulgaria Overhauls Attack Helicopters Agenda 03.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
Last Minute Contract to ASELSAN Agenda 02.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
Taiwan Ready for Serial Production to Set Up Reconnaissance Squadron Agenda 02.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
China's New Drone Hit Five Targets in Succession Agenda 02.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
New Shipyard for Pakistan Agenda 02.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
Qatar Inked New Fighter Contract Agenda 02.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
AESA Support to Korea by Sweden Agenda 02.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
Indigenous Solution for Humanitarian Missions Agenda 02.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
US Plans Armed AC-208 Sales To Afghanistan Agenda 02.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
Bangladesh Air Force to build two air bases Agenda 02.01.2018 Özgür Ekşi
USAF retires MQ-1 in summer 2018 Agenda 01.01.2018 Özgür Ekşi
Japan interested in getting EA-18G as EW aircraft Agenda 01.01.2018 Özgür Ekşi
Russian Navy ships will form strategic groupings of non-nuclear deterrence Agenda 01.01.2018 Özgür Ekşi
Australian air force on alert for Tu-95 bombers Agenda 31.12.2017 Özgür Ekşi
27th T-129 Atak on inventtory Agenda 31.12.2017 Özgür Ekşi
ROK Navy’s Future Submarine Rescue Vessel Passes Capability Test Agenda 30.12.2017 Özgür Ekşi
Spain to boost its defence budget Agenda 30.12.2017 Özgür Ekşi
The first C-130J Super Hercules arrived in France Agenda 30.12.2017 Özgür Ekşi
DF-17 Tests by China Agenda 29.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
Brazillian Government, Concerned Agenda 29.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
$634 Million worth AMRAAM Contract Agenda 29.12.2017 Özgür Ekşi
Successfull Test by India's Indigenous Interceptor Agenda 29.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
New AKIN replaces old Agenda 29.12.2017 Özgür Ekşi
Obama Put On Hold, Trump Gave Green Light Agenda 29.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
Replies Came for Poland's 5th Gen Requirement Agenda 29.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
'Tula' Gets Back on Task Agenda 29.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
Russia Sent Invitations Over 80 Countries Agenda 29.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
Ballistic Missile In Disguise of a Satellite? Agenda 28.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
Process for Avenger Sales to India Begins Agenda 28.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
SAVRONIKs Merged Agenda 28.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
Indian K-4 Missile Fails In Test Agenda 28.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
Asterix Passed All Trials Agenda 28.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
Russia has precise vision Agenda 28.12.2017 Özgür Ekşi
Russia lays keel for fifth minesweeper Agenda 27.12.2017 Özgür Ekşi
Bulgarian Boats Cancelled Agenda 27.12.2017 Halil Zanapaoğlu
THAAD Addition Agenda 27.12.2017 Halil Zanapaoğlu
More UAV's Agenda 27.12.2017 Halil Zanapaoğlu
IAF Integrates Decommissioned F-15s Agenda 27.12.2017 Özgür Ekşi
Russia established a high-speed UAV Agenda 27.12.2017 Özgür Ekşi
New Engine & Modernization to B-52: $11,9 Billion Agenda 27.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
New Move in the Far East Agenda 26.12.2017 Halil Zanapaoğlu
Pantsyr at Black Sea Agenda 26.12.2017 Halil Zanapaoğlu
Contracts Will Have To Wait Agenda 26.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
Chinese Fighter Flies with TVC Engine Agenda 26.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
China Launches New Guided-Missile Stealth Frigate Agenda 26.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
US to Provide Ukraine With 'Enhanced Defensive Capabilities' Agenda 26.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
Russia’s Admiral Makarov frigate commissioned for operation Agenda 26.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
HAL Flies High Agenda 25.12.2017 Halil Zanapaoğlu
Accepted Agenda 25.12.2017 Halil Zanapaoğlu
Joint Declaration by Boeing, Embraer Agenda 25.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
Abrams Upgrade for US Army Agenda 25.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
Laser Warner to Swedish Navy Agenda 25.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
Sixth Vessel Commissioned Agenda 25.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
Germany returns lead F125 frigate to builder Agenda 25.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
Turkey and Ukraine signed agreement of $3 million Agenda 25.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
Peru begins Type 209/1200 submarine modernization Agenda 25.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
BAE Systems to produce M109A7 howitzers Agenda 25.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
AG600, makes successful maiden flight in China Agenda 24.12.2017 Özgür Ekşi
Sea Ceptor Phase II: OK Agenda 24.12.2017 Halil Zanapaoğlu
F-22 Again for Lockheed Martin Agenda 24.12.2017 Halil Zanapaoğlu
Taiwan plans increasing cruise missile range to 1000 km Agenda 24.12.2017 Özgür Ekşi
Russia to start 5th-generation fighter jet in 2018 Agenda 24.12.2017 Özgür Ekşi
President is TSKGV’s new Chairman Agenda 24.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
Military Factories Became A Company Agenda 24.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
SSM Will Report to Presidency Agenda 24.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
Korea Republic is said to buy another 20 F-35As Agenda 23.12.2017 Özgür Ekşi
Prince of Wales is ahead of schedule Agenda 23.12.2017 Özgür Ekşi
Record $46 Billion Budget by Japan Agenda 23.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
Boeing Receives Contract for Japan KC-46 Tanker Agenda 22.12.2017 Özgür Ekşi
IDEF'19 Will Begin On 30th April Agenda 22.12.2017 Özgür Ekşi
Last Day for Altay's Engine Agenda 22.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
Fourth Order On The Way Agenda 22.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
An A400M refuelled six F-18 fighters in a single mission Agenda 21.12.2017 Özgür Ekşi
New Theatre Level Missile Agenda 21.12.2017 Halil Zanapaoğlu
Spike Again Agenda 21.12.2017 Halil Zanapaoğlu
"Premature" problem in nuclear Agenda 21.12.2017 Halil Zanapaoğlu
32-bit F-CK-1 Agenda 21.12.2017 Halil Zanapaoğlu
Brazil launches Tamandaré-class corvette competition Agenda 21.12.2017 Özgür Ekşi
Bulgaria: Ukrainian firm trying to sabotage MiG-29 repair Agenda 21.12.2017 Özgür Ekşi
“Thunder” for Norway Agenda 20.12.2017 Halil Zanapaoğlu
Towed Mortar “Stuck” Agenda 20.12.2017 Halil Zanapaoğlu
F-16 Support to Poland Agenda 20.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
Apache Guardian Delivered to Indonesia Agenda 20.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
2017 F-35 Delivery Target Successfully Met Agenda 20.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
F-35 Weapons Delivery Accuracy Tests Wrapped Up Agenda 20.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
Boeing Reveals Its MQ-25 Offering Agenda 20.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
German Eurofighters Gain Air-to-ground Capability Agenda 20.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
Number of Projects Reached 600 Agenda 20.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
V-280 Valor Makes First Flight Agenda 20.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
Qatar Armed Forces is Ready Agenda 19.12.2017 Özgür Ekşi
Movement on S-500 Agenda 19.12.2017 Halil Zanapaoğlu
SSM's New Companies Announced Agenda 19.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
Aircraft Carrier is Leaking Agenda 19.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
$700 Billion Defence Budget Signed into Law Agenda 19.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
'Vilkas' Delivery to Lithuania Agenda 19.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
Germany Kicked-Off Competition Agenda 19.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
Chinese-Russian Drill Against Sudden Attacks Completed Agenda 19.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
One More Step Towards Early Operational Capability Agenda 18.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
Brahmos Integration Work Commenced Agenda 18.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
Electronic Warfare System Contract to Northrop Agenda 18.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
Chinook Upgrade by Netherlands Agenda 18.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
Flaps Becoming History? Agenda 18.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
Workshop Began for Indigenous Turboshaft Engine Agenda 18.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
New Engine On The Way Agenda 18.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
NATO Retires E-3A Agenda 17.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
Surprise Qatar Contract by Nurol Makina Agenda 16.12.2017 Özgür Ekşi
Gendarmerie and Police Will Use ATAK Agenda 16.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
Turkish SOM on American F-35? Agenda 16.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
'Project Eagle' Passed Another Milestone Agenda 15.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
Eurofighter as Main Option Agenda 15.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
'Markut' Looking for Sponsors Agenda 15.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
TEI Surprise for National Combat Aircraft Agenda 15.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
SSM Will Discuss Turboshaft Engine in Eskisehir Agenda 15.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
SDB II Lot 1 Production Completed Agenda 15.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
Warthog Came To The Fore Again Agenda 15.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
Russia May Begin Development of 'Sixth Gen' in 2018 Agenda 15.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
Spain Tired of Waiting Agenda 15.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
Upgrade Package for 'Bofors' Agenda 15.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
'Teber' Guidance to ANKA UAV Agenda 14.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
ROBOİK Winners Declared Agenda 14.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
India Gave Up S-70B, Adopted New Plan Agenda 14.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
Indigenous Solution for Gatling by SATEK ARGE Agenda 14.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
'Zumwalt' Disappointed Yet Again Agenda 14.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
US Army's Modular Handgun Is Heading Out to the Field Agenda 14.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
Serbia to get Russian air defence systems, Agenda 13.12.2017 Özgür Ekşi
Trump Signed FY 2018 NDAA Agenda 13.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
First Delivery in 2018 Agenda 13.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
Captor-E Proceeds to Second Phase of Testing Agenda 13.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
2nd JF-17B Prototype Began Flight Tests Agenda 13.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
80K6T Tests Set to Begin Agenda 13.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
TAI Has A New Website Agenda 12.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
Eurojet pulled back from TF-X tender Agenda 12.12.2017 Özgür Ekşi
Hungary Takes Action for Mi-24s Agenda 12.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
Otokar Showed Off In Kuwait Agenda 12.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
Unmanned Submarine Project by EU Agenda 12.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
Japan Requested Additional Budget for Defence Agenda 11.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
Qatar Inked 24 Eurofighter Typhoon Contract Agenda 11.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
Moscow, Tokyo To Expand Naval Cooperation Agenda 11.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
56th Issue Sector News Magazine News 11.12.2017 Serhat AKTI
Tiny Little Men Fitting into Devices: Artificial Intelligence Magazine News 11.12.2017 Serhat AKTI
ASELSAN Gained Momentum; Will Continue to Grow Magazine News 11.12.2017 Serhat AKTI
SSİK: Why This Way? What Just Happened? Magazine News 11.12.2017 Serhat AKTI
56th Issue Fair News Magazine News 11.12.2017 Serhat AKTI
Winds of Change in the Far East Magazine News 11.12.2017 Serhat AKTI
Towards a Great Chaos… Magazine News 11.12.2017 Serhat AKTI
Seoul: Under Crossfire in Asia… Magazine News 11.12.2017 Serhat AKTI
Japan to buy additional JSM Agenda 10.12.2017 Özgür Ekşi
Qatar becomes first VBCI export customer Agenda 10.12.2017 Özgür Ekşi
Canada rejects Fincantieri-Naval Group warships offer Agenda 10.12.2017 Özgür Ekşi
UGVs vs Tanks Agenda 09.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
HMS Queen Elizabeth Commissioned Agenda 09.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
Hungary To Procure MEDEVAC Aircraft Agenda 08.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
Thales Gets Ready For Qatar's Rafales Agenda 08.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
New Armament To Be Tested in Syria Agenda 08.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
Companies Gather in Kuwait Agenda 08.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
"Dash X" Proposal by Northrop Agenda 08.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
GBU-39 Boost to Reaper Agenda 08.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
Nasty Surprise to Poland Agenda 08.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
China Wants To Surprise Agenda 07.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
Colombia Move by STM Agenda 07.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
One Year Anniversary in Mali Agenda 07.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
Raytheon's UAE Investment: 'Raytheon Emirates' Agenda 07.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
Qatar To Buy Additional Rafales Agenda 07.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
L3-ULA Partnership in New Rocket System Agenda 07.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
The Last Seahawk Retired Agenda 07.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
12th 'Atlas' For French Air Force Agenda 07.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
'F-35 Adir' Declared Operational Agenda 07.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
Interim Solution With Harrier? Agenda 06.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
US' Railgun Project Collapsed? Agenda 06.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
Official Move for HMS Ocean Purchase Agenda 06.12.2017 Özgür Ekşi
First Flight With Production-Standard Engine Agenda 06.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
USAF's First Pegasus Made Its First Flight Agenda 06.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
Expectations From 'Fury' Rising Agenda 06.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
Positive Technical Results from the Largest Amphibian Agenda 06.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
Boeing's Offer Scratched Out Agenda 06.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
MKEK Kept Its Promise Agenda 06.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
F-35's Part Fell Off Agenda 05.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
MEHS Boost to 'Yavuz' Agenda 05.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
Vertical Launch of HISAR Agenda 05.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
Turkish Mortar Passed Qualification Tests Agenda 05.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
Yun-9, Ready For Combat Agenda 05.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
Joint Proposal In Response to Canada's Pursuit Agenda 05.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
Joint Naval Task Group Declared IOC Agenda 05.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
Indigenous Guidance Kit in Mass Production Agenda 05.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
Electronic Design Award to ASELSAN Agenda 05.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
Rise In The USD May Hit F-35s Agenda 03.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
Super Tucano Order by Philippines Agenda 01.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
Romania Sealed the Deal for PAC-3 Agenda 01.12.2017 Elçin Öktem
DESAN-Berkin Agreement on Fast Intervention Boat Agenda 30.11.2017 Özgür Ekşi
5K MPT-76 In Inventory Agenda 30.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
"Region’s Largest" Claim by Iran Agenda 30.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
New C-UAS by China Agenda 30.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
Lockheed Joined The Team Agenda 30.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
MKEK Calls For Cooperation Agenda 30.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
An Eye For An Eye Agenda 30.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
Virtual Helo Development by Russia Agenda 30.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
Post-Grad Study in Defence Agenda 30.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
Approval for $1,4 Billion Command System Project Agenda 29.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
PAC-3 Test Paves Way For Full Rate Production Agenda 29.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
Two Companies Shortlisted Agenda 29.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
Qatar's Deal on Typhoons and Hawks Resolved Agenda 29.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
Successful Interception by C-Dome Agenda 29.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
The Last F-16 Produced in Fort Worth Agenda 28.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
Icy Runway Tests of F-35 Agenda 28.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
Australia’s Buccaneer Satellite Launched Agenda 28.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
New Truck-mounted Howitzer by Russia Agenda 28.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
Cyber Warfare Put Under The Scope Agenda 27.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
Msta-S Modernization by Russia Agenda 27.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
USS Fitzgerald En Route For Repair Work Agenda 27.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
Tokyo Will Team Up With London Agenda 27.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
Finland To Buy 64 Fighter Jets Agenda 26.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
$4 Billion Project to Germany Agenda 25.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
Georgia to acquire Javelin Agenda 25.11.2017 Özgür Ekşi
Submitters Revealed on Altay's Engine Agenda 24.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
New Atak Helos To Be Delivered Agenda 24.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
STM, Launched ThinkTech: The First Tech-based Idea Center of Turkey Agenda 23.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
Denmark Requested Budget For F-35 Purchase Agenda 23.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
Philippines Commissioned First TC-90 Agenda 23.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
Last Steps Towards Certification Agenda 23.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
Su-30MKI Successfully Test-fired Brahmos Agenda 23.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
Pakistan Renews Submarine Radars Agenda 23.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
F-35A Mastering First Pacific Deployment Agenda 23.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
Turkish Stand by SSI Agenda 22.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
Sterling At Milipol Agenda 22.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
ASELSAN's System for Philippines Frigates Agenda 22.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
Armored Vehicle Tender Issued by Bangladesh Agenda 22.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
Armoured Vehicle Delivery To Slovakia Agenda 22.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
LSD Modernization Contract to BAE Systems Agenda 21.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
Moore: Sales of Ocean to Turkey is Coop in Defence Agenda 21.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
Russia Received Modernized Mortars Agenda 21.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
Indian Army Want New UAVs Agenda 21.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
Second Destroyer Began Sea Trials Agenda 21.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
Two New UAVs by China Agenda 21.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
Tupolev's Bomber Will Undergo Modernization Agenda 21.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
Israel To Begin Delivery to Philippines Agenda 21.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
China's New ICBM To Enter Inventory Agenda 20.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
ATAK Around The Corner Agenda 20.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
Norway Takes Delivery of First SAR AW101 Agenda 20.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
Antitank Missile Move by India Agenda 20.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
French Frigate Passed Sea Trials Agenda 20.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
New Member to Hermes Family Agenda 20.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
$10,5 Billion US Sales to Poland Agenda 19.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
First Flight by Russia's New Flying Radar Agenda 19.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
Queen Elizabeth Joins the Navy Agenda 18.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
Offers Submitted For Altay Agenda 17.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
Japan's Hawkeye Took-off Agenda 17.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
Half of German Leopard Tanks Are Out of Operation Agenda 17.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
UAV Market Will Continue to Expand Agenda 16.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
First Japanese-built F-35 On Its Way to US Agenda 16.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
MQ-9 Demonstrated ASW Capabilities Agenda 16.11.2017 Özgür Ekşi
Laser Protection For Pilots by BAE Systems Agenda 16.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
Tiltrotor Passed A Milestone Agenda 16.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
Turkey Interested In HMS Ocean Agenda 15.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
BrahMos Deliveries To Begin in January Agenda 15.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
China's New UAV Unveiled Agenda 15.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
C295 Sales Pass The 200 Mark Agenda 15.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
Japan to Delay F-3 Programme Agenda 15.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
UAE To Begin 'B-250' Production Agenda 15.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
The EU Launches Defence Agreement Agenda 15.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
Tactical Satellite Link to French AWACS' Agenda 15.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
Air-to-Ground Drill by Korea Agenda 14.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
Northrop Delivered the First Triton to USN Agenda 14.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
Falco EVO Delivery to Middle East Agenda 14.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
Taiwan Took Delivery of Orions Agenda 14.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
SmartGlider Expands to Middle East Agenda 14.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
ASELSAN, The Most Valuable Company Agenda 14.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
QinetiQ Invests in UAE Agenda 14.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
Su-35 Has Artificial Intelligence Agenda 14.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
Will Tejas Go To Waste? Agenda 13.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
Submarine Move by Korea Agenda 13.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
US Investment In Ukrainian Aviation Agenda 13.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
C-2 On Display in Dubai Agenda 13.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
Ukrainian Tactical UAV Made First Flight Agenda 13.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
Fifth-gen Requirement by Canada Agenda 13.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
$1,6 Billion Upgrade for UAE's F-16s Agenda 13.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
KARAYEL-SU on Display in Dubai Agenda 13.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
TAI Signed MoU With Russian IRKUT Agenda 13.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
Hürkuş Painted Red&White Agenda 13.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
Airbus, Gave Place to ROKETSAN Products Agenda 13.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
EUROSAM on Track, S-400 Done Agenda 11.11.2017 Özgür Ekşi
F-35 Will Kept Under Tent Agenda 11.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
Tu-160M2 Will Take To The Skies Agenda 10.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
F-35 Will Have A Long Life Agenda 10.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
Switzerland To Renew Air Defences Agenda 10.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
Airbus To Produce Türksat 5A&Türksat 5B ComSat Agenda 09.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
Global Call by India Agenda 09.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
Airbus, Türksat Partnered For Satellite Agenda 09.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
Will Germany Resolve on "F-35"? Agenda 09.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
Karayel-su on Display in Dubai Agenda 09.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
Hybrid Solution in Engine and MKEK Agenda 08.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
SAMP/T Signiture in the Centre of NATO Agenda 08.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
TAI's ANKA on Display in Thailand Agenda 08.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
Laser Support to Fighter Jets Agenda 08.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
Sweden Began Negotiations for Patriot Agenda 08.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
'PiriReis' at 3rd Global SATSHOW'da Agenda 07.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
Siemens’ Digital Revolution Proposal Magazine News 07.11.2017 Serhat AKTI
55. Issue Sector News Magazine News 07.11.2017 Serhat AKTI
Ukraine: Both Market and Venue of Cooperation Magazine News 07.11.2017 Serhat AKTI
Hybrid Era for MKEK Magazine News 07.11.2017 Serhat AKTI
Alp Aviation Hit a Major Milestone in Helicopter Magazine News 07.11.2017 Serhat AKTI
55. Issue Ukraine Fair News Magazine News 07.11.2017 Serhat AKTI
Ukraine: Marching at Double Time Magazine News 07.11.2017 Serhat AKTI
55. Issue AUSA Fair News Magazine News 07.11.2017 Serhat AKTI
What is Seen at Gun Sight? AUSA 2017 Magazine News 07.11.2017 Serhat AKTI
Barzani and Poster of Öcalan Raised at Raqqa… Magazine News 07.11.2017 Serhat AKTI
USA's Trial with the Drone Magazine News 07.11.2017 Serhat AKTI
First F-35 Delivery To Norway Agenda 07.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
TAI Shows Off In Bangkok Agenda 07.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
BAE Sensor for LRASM Agenda 06.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
The Last LST-2 Launched Agenda 06.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
Scorpion Will Look For Launch Customer in Dubai Agenda 06.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
Mobile Strike Boost to Afghanistan Agenda 06.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
High Hopes for Nirbhay Agenda 06.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
Engineer Quest for National Combat Aircraft Agenda 05.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
HAVELSAN's AW139 Sim Entered Inventory in Qatar Agenda 05.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
Ukraine To Supply BTR-3DAs Agenda 05.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
Rules Change In Air-to-Air Agenda 04.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
New Export by Meteksan Agenda 04.11.2017 Özgür Ekşi
SSM Website Renewed Agenda 04.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
Deliveries On Hold Due To Rust Agenda 03.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
25th ATAK Entered Inventory Agenda 03.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
Iran's Clear Message To Turkey Agenda 03.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
TCG Alemdar On Its First Mission Agenda 03.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
20th Anniversary Celebration by USAF Agenda 03.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
Design Organization Approval to STM Agenda 03.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
Ansat Pushes For +50°C Agenda 03.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
Liman, Appointed to Turkish MoD Agenda 03.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
First Refuelling of Hawkeye AWACS Agenda 02.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
Orion Modernization by Germany Agenda 02.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
Tactical Mission System Modernization to Germany Agenda 02.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
Construction Support to F-15s Agenda 02.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
New Helos For Indian Navy Agenda 02.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
New Rifle by Israel Agenda 01.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
Last Steps For Ka-226T Production In India Agenda 01.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
UK's Carrier Undergoing Last Phase of Sea Trials Agenda 01.11.2017 Elçin Öktem
Here Are The New Helos Agenda 31.10.2017 Elçin Öktem
Su-35 Purchase To Be Finalized Agenda 31.10.2017 Elçin Öktem
Gripen E Goes Supersonic Agenda 30.10.2017 Elçin Öktem
New Mortar by Korea Agenda 30.10.2017 Elçin Öktem
NASAMS Step by Lithuania Agenda 30.10.2017 Elçin Öktem
Training Aircraft Support by Japan Agenda 30.10.2017 Elçin Öktem
Argentina Wants New Radars Agenda 30.10.2017 Elçin Öktem