Issue 58  
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Failed Replenishment Led Suspension Agenda 21.03.2018 Elçin Öktem
VARUNA To Be Reiterated Agenda 21.03.2018 Elçin Öktem
Donated Mig-29s To Be Commissioned This Year Agenda 21.03.2018 Elçin Öktem
USN Seeks Cost Savings in New Carriers Agenda 21.03.2018 Elçin Öktem
Australia Declares IOC for P-8A Agenda 21.03.2018 Elçin Öktem
Latvia Received First TPS-77 MRR Agenda 21.03.2018 Elçin Öktem
F-35 Comments Resulted in Early Retirement Agenda 21.03.2018 Elçin Öktem
Japan Commissioned New Submarine Rescue Ship Agenda 21.03.2018 Elçin Öktem
'Atak' in Pakistan Agenda 21.03.2018 Elçin Öktem
Egypt to Buy Puma II UAS Agenda 20.03.2018 Elçin Öktem
The US' New Smoke Grenade Will Obscure IR Detection Agenda 20.03.2018 Elçin Öktem
Second-of-class Vessel Commissioned Agenda 20.03.2018 Elçin Öktem
Logistics System Upgrade for F-35s Agenda 20.03.2018 Elçin Öktem
Lancer Successfully Test-fired LRASM Agenda 20.03.2018 Elçin Öktem
Typhoon Deployed in Greece For The First Time Agenda 20.03.2018 Elçin Öktem
China to start Sea Tests of Electromagnetic Railguns Agenda 19.03.2018 Özgür Ekşi
MiG fraud in Sri Lanka revealed Agenda 19.03.2018 Özgür Ekşi
USS Colorado Commissioned Agenda 19.03.2018 Elçin Öktem
Denmark to increase its defence budget by 20 percent Agenda 19.03.2018 Özgür Ekşi
USS Tulsa Completes Acceptance Trials Agenda 19.03.2018 Elçin Öktem
Record Pursue by Akula Agenda 19.03.2018 Elçin Öktem
Russian Nuclear Sub Tests US Borders Agenda 19.03.2018 Elçin Öktem
LCS' Mine Reconnaissance Module Passed Tests Agenda 19.03.2018 Elçin Öktem
USAF Urges Boeing on KC-46 Agenda 19.03.2018 Elçin Öktem
Mig to overhaul Bulgarian Mig-29s Agenda 16.03.2018 Özgür Ekşi
HMLA-367 replaces AH-1W with AH-1Z Agenda 16.03.2018 Özgür Ekşi
Grand Re-organization in SSM Agenda 15.03.2018 Özgür Ekşi
Export Clearance for Mako UAV Agenda 15.03.2018 Elçin Öktem
Early Delivery of S-400 Agenda 15.03.2018 Elçin Öktem
Czechia In Search of New Mortar System Agenda 15.03.2018 Elçin Öktem
GlobalEye Makes Maiden Flight Agenda 15.03.2018 Elçin Öktem
Qatar Signs Contract for NH90 Agenda 15.03.2018 Elçin Öktem
Fincantieri Will Cooperate with Barzan Holdings Agenda 15.03.2018 Elçin Öktem
Christening Ceremony for Third OPV Agenda 15.03.2018 Elçin Öktem
Rheinmetall Wins Australian CRV Competition Agenda 15.03.2018 Elçin Öktem
First Asahi-class Destroyer Commissioned Agenda 14.03.2018 Elçin Öktem
First Export Contract Signed for Bayraktar TB2 Agenda 14.03.2018 Özgür Ekşi
Leonardo Adopts Cyber Countermeasures for Naval Gun Agenda 14.03.2018 Elçin Öktem
Golden Cube Award to ASELSAN Agenda 14.03.2018 Elçin Öktem
NMS 4x4 Contract Secured at DIMDEX Agenda 14.03.2018 Elçin Öktem
RAF Prepares for Its 'Protectors' Agenda 14.03.2018 Elçin Öktem
The First 'Il-76MD-M' Delivered Agenda 14.03.2018 Elçin Öktem
China To Introduce New J-20 Variants Agenda 14.03.2018 Elçin Öktem
Korea Ordered Additional Taurus Missiles Agenda 14.03.2018 Elçin Öktem
ScanEagle Grant to the Philippines Agenda 13.03.2018 Elçin Öktem
Beretta Invests in Qatari Market Agenda 13.03.2018 Elçin Öktem
MQ-1 Officially Retired Agenda 13.03.2018 Elçin Öktem
Sarmat to Enter Duty Replacing Satan Missiles Agenda 13.03.2018 Elçin Öktem
Russian Hypersonic Missile Can Destroy Carriers Agenda 13.03.2018 Elçin Öktem
USAF Limits Interactions With Public Agenda 13.03.2018 Elçin Öktem
Contract Signed on Armed AC-208 Sales To Afghanistan Agenda 12.03.2018 Elçin Öktem
Switzerland to Vote on New Fighter Procurement Agenda 12.03.2018 Elçin Öktem
Uzi Changes Hands Agenda 12.03.2018 Elçin Öktem
OTO Marlin 40 Naval Turret Unveiled at DIMDEX Agenda 12.03.2018 Elçin Öktem
Trelleborg Launches Next-Generation Firestop Material Agenda 12.03.2018 Elçin Öktem
Modernized T-84 Ready For Trials Agenda 12.03.2018 Elçin Öktem
Saudi Arabia Signs MOI for Additional Typhoons Agenda 12.03.2018 Elçin Öktem
Weapon Detection Radar by ASELSAN for Counter-terrorism Agenda 11.03.2018 Elçin Öktem
Indigenous 'Eye' To Infrared Thermal System Agenda 11.03.2018 Elçin Öktem
Countdown for ASELSAN's LGK-84 Kits Began Agenda 11.03.2018 Elçin Öktem
ASELSAN's AKKOR to be Delivered in 2018 Agenda 11.03.2018 Elçin Öktem
Turkey at crossroads? “S-400” vs “Patriot” Agenda 10.03.2018 Özgür Ekşi
Saab to Integrate ISCMMS on Australian Subs Agenda 09.03.2018 Elçin Öktem
T-50 Delivery to Iraq Agenda 09.03.2018 Elçin Öktem
MBDA, Lockheed Announced New Joint Venture Agenda 09.03.2018 Elçin Öktem
'Sidewinder' Sales to UAE Approved Agenda 09.03.2018 Elçin Öktem
Singapore Deploys MBDA’s Aster 30 Agenda 09.03.2018 Elçin Öktem
Another Delay in KC-46 Tanker Delivery Agenda 09.03.2018 Elçin Öktem
KC-390 Prototype Resumes Flights Agenda 08.03.2018 Elçin Öktem
Japan Requests Phalanx Conversion Kits Agenda 08.03.2018 Elçin Öktem
First Export Order for MMPs Agenda 08.03.2018 Elçin Öktem
SPICE 1000 Declared IOC Agenda 08.03.2018 Elçin Öktem
ASELSAN Academy Expands Network Agenda 08.03.2018 Özgür Ekşi
$475M Software Development Award to Northrop Agenda 07.03.2018 Elçin Öktem
Saudi Arabia's MMSC Program Launched Agenda 07.03.2018 Elçin Öktem
F-35Bs Join USS Wasp for Deployment Agenda 07.03.2018 Elçin Öktem
Turkey Wants F-35Bs To Deploy on New LHD Agenda 07.03.2018 Elçin Öktem
Offers on Altay to be Submitted on Friday Agenda 07.03.2018 Elçin Öktem
SOM-J Displayed on F-35 Internal Bay Agenda 07.03.2018 Elçin Öktem
Saudi Contribution on An-132D Agenda 06.03.2018 Elçin Öktem
India Denied Claims of Classified Briefing on F-35 Agenda 06.03.2018 Elçin Öktem
Turkmenistan Acquires Turkish Armoured Vehicles Agenda 06.03.2018 Elçin Öktem
Russia Developed Nuclear-Powered Missile Agenda 06.03.2018 Elçin Öktem
Lebedev Will Soon Proceed to Serial Production Agenda 06.03.2018 Elçin Öktem
Romania In Search for New Corvettes Agenda 06.03.2018 Elçin Öktem
Seventh LCS Delivered to USN Agenda 05.03.2018 Elçin Öktem
China to Increase 2018 Defense Budget by 8.1 Percent Agenda 05.03.2018 Elçin Öktem
STM Announcement Announcements 05.03.2018 Elçin Öktem
Pakistan’s Submarines Entrusted to STM Agenda 05.03.2018 Elçin Öktem
USMC To Deploy APKWS on F/A-18 Hornets Agenda 05.03.2018 Elçin Öktem
$47M Javelin to Ukraine Agenda 05.03.2018 Elçin Öktem
Turkish APS Passed Trials Agenda 05.03.2018 Elçin Öktem
ThyssenKrupp Barred From Bidding Agenda 02.03.2018 Elçin Öktem
France Launches New EW Programme Agenda 02.03.2018 Elçin Öktem
F-35 Costs Still Too High Agenda 02.03.2018 Elçin Öktem
Malaysia To Buy New Submarines Agenda 02.03.2018 Elçin Öktem
USN Launched SLEP for Super Hornets Agenda 02.03.2018 Elçin Öktem
UAC Ready to Adapt Su-57 For New Russian Carrier Agenda 01.03.2018 Özgür Ekşi
Iran Unveils its “Hellfire” missile Agenda 01.03.2018 Özgür Ekşi
SW-4 Solo Performs Its First Flight Agenda 01.03.2018 Elçin Öktem
Rotary-wing Platform Tests Completed Agenda 01.03.2018 Elçin Öktem
Retrofit Contract For Delivered F-35s Agenda 01.03.2018 Elçin Öktem
Texan II Resumes Flights Agenda 01.03.2018 Elçin Öktem
Saudi Women Allowed To Join The Army Agenda 28.02.2018 Özgür Ekşi
SMASH RCWS Will Be On Malaysian OPVs Agenda 28.02.2018 Elçin Öktem
Last Delivery To Italy Agenda 28.02.2018 Elçin Öktem
$19 Million Technology Investment for UAV Engines Agenda 28.02.2018 Elçin Öktem
New Engine for Rustom 2 UAV Agenda 28.02.2018 Elçin Öktem
Russia and India  Agree on $3 Billion Frigate Deal Agenda 27.02.2018 Özgür Ekşi
Iran May Plan to Build Nuclear-Powered Submarine Agenda 27.02.2018 Özgür Ekşi
Falco RPAV Past 15,000 Flight Hours Agenda 27.02.2018 Elçin Öktem
Russia To Begin Construction of a Second Carrier Soon Agenda 27.02.2018 Elçin Öktem
India Test-fired Nuke-capable Dhanush Missile Agenda 27.02.2018 Elçin Öktem
Electric Helo-UAV Completed Flight Tests Agenda 26.02.2018 Elçin Öktem
Artificial Intelligence Research Centre Set Up in Korea Agenda 26.02.2018 Elçin Öktem
Indian Army Gets Closer to Apaches Agenda 26.02.2018 Özgür Ekşi
Second BAFO Period in Altay Agenda 26.02.2018 Özgür Ekşi
OTOKAR Press Release Announcements 26.02.2018 Özgür Ekşi
Indonesia to Get Four ScanEagle UAV Agenda 26.02.2018 Elçin Öktem
Boeing Will Participate in Canadian Bid Agenda 26.02.2018 Elçin Öktem
Russia Targets Satellites With New Laser Weapon Agenda 26.02.2018 Elçin Öktem
Su-57s in Syria Agenda 26.02.2018 Özgür Ekşi
Finland to acquire Mk 41 vertical launching systems from US Agenda 25.02.2018 Özgür Ekşi
EA-18G  crew suffered from frostbite after ECS failed in flight Agenda 25.02.2018 Özgür Ekşi
Remote-control to Ejder Yalçın Agenda 24.02.2018 Özgür Ekşi
AHRLAC Proposes BRONCO II for OA-X program Agenda 23.02.2018 Elçin Öktem
GlobalEye, Rolled Out Agenda 23.02.2018 Elçin Öktem
UKAP Support To Turkish Armed Forces Agenda 23.02.2018 Elçin Öktem
Sarath Purchase Approved Agenda 23.02.2018 Elçin Öktem
F-35 Engine Life-cycle Tests Completed Agenda 23.02.2018 Elçin Öktem
New Russian High-Speed Helicopter Will Fly in 2019 Agenda 23.02.2018 Elçin Öktem
15 SARAS Mk2 Order Commitment by Indian Air Force Agenda 23.02.2018 Elçin Öktem
Boeing Completed First Phase in Wedgetail Modernization Agenda 23.02.2018 Elçin Öktem
Third Frigate Takes to the Sea Agenda 23.02.2018 Elçin Öktem
'Predator' Transfer from USAF to USN Agenda 22.02.2018 Elçin Öktem
Canadian Navy Stepped Up Gear on Modernization Agenda 22.02.2018 Elçin Öktem
First Sikorsky Combat Rescue Helicopter Enters Final Assembly Agenda 22.02.2018 Elçin Öktem
India Test-fired Agni II Agenda 22.02.2018 Elçin Öktem
Brazil Begins Assembly of Submarines Agenda 22.02.2018 Elçin Öktem
Indonesia Finalized Su-35 Order Agenda 22.02.2018 Elçin Öktem
Aerial Refuelling Training for Navy Pilots Agenda 22.02.2018 Elçin Öktem
ISR Support to Kuwait Agenda 22.02.2018 Elçin Öktem
Texan Delivery to the UK Agenda 21.02.2018 Elçin Öktem
Target in Space to 'Arrow 3' Agenda 21.02.2018 Elçin Öktem
Armoured Vehicle Delivery to Iraq Agenda 21.02.2018 Elçin Öktem
ANKA Received Indigenous Engine Agenda 20.02.2018 Özgür Ekşi
US Navy Picks Five Contenders to Compete for Guided-missile Frigate Project Agenda 20.02.2018 Özgür Ekşi
Interceptor Suggestion for Hawaii Agenda 20.02.2018 Elçin Öktem
All Three F-35s Passed Tests Agenda 20.02.2018 Elçin Öktem
China to surplus West’s airpower Agenda 19.02.2018 Özgür Ekşi
US to Spend $10 Billion on Modernization of B61s Agenda 19.02.2018 Elçin Öktem
Belgium's NH90s Operational in Mali Agenda 19.02.2018 Elçin Öktem
MiG-35 Completed Factory Tests Agenda 19.02.2018 Elçin Öktem
Confidence Issue in Pentagon Agenda 19.02.2018 Elçin Öktem
Last Tests Before Low-rate Initial Production Agenda 19.02.2018 Elçin Öktem
German Tanks not suitable for NATO Missions Agenda 17.02.2018 Özgür Ekşi
Boeing to Develop Conformal Fuel Tanks for Super Hornets Agenda 16.02.2018 Elçin Öktem
Indigenous UAV by Nigeria Agenda 16.02.2018 Elçin Öktem
Hürjet Missions Revealed Agenda 16.02.2018 Elçin Öktem
Estonia To Strengthen Its Armed Forces Agenda 16.02.2018 Elçin Öktem
Trophy Protection for M1 Abrams Agenda 16.02.2018 Elçin Öktem
Belgium Received Final Offers Agenda 16.02.2018 Elçin Öktem
FNSS Vehicles Showed Capability Agenda 15.02.2018 Elçin Öktem
India Set Eyes On F-35s Agenda 15.02.2018 Elçin Öktem
Belgium Became Fifth Member in NATO Program Agenda 15.02.2018 Elçin Öktem
Canada Decided to Rejoin NATO's AWACS Program Agenda 15.02.2018 Elçin Öktem
German Transmission System to K2 MBTs Agenda 15.02.2018 Elçin Öktem
India Approved JV between Reliance and Thales Agenda 15.02.2018 Elçin Öktem
Israel to Significantly Increase UAV Numbers Agenda 15.02.2018 Elçin Öktem
Thales Boost to Tiger Fleets Agenda 15.02.2018 Elçin Öktem
RPK-16 Order to Kalashnikov Agenda 15.02.2018 Elçin Öktem
USN To Increase The Number of Destroyers Agenda 14.02.2018 Elçin Öktem
Russia To Acquire More Than 100 Ka-52s Agenda 14.02.2018 Elçin Öktem
USAF Cancelled JSTARS Replacement Agenda 14.02.2018 Elçin Öktem
France to Buy 2000 Armored Vehicles Agenda 14.02.2018 Elçin Öktem
General Atomics To Collaborate With Boeing on MQ-25 Agenda 14.02.2018 Elçin Öktem
Lockheed Delivered 400th Super Hercules Agenda 13.02.2018 Elçin Öktem
USAF Requests %12 Budget Boost in FY2019 Agenda 13.02.2018 Elçin Öktem
New Customer for Spike Missiles Agenda 13.02.2018 Elçin Öktem
Major Farewell in Ukraine Agenda 13.02.2018 Elçin Öktem
Italy to Place Third Batch Submarine Order Agenda 12.02.2018 Elçin Öktem
BAE Systems To Modernize UAE's F-16 HUDs Agenda 12.02.2018 Elçin Öktem
Airbus Shaked Hands With Prosecutor Agenda 12.02.2018 Elçin Öktem
Russia Test-fired Upgraded Air Defence Missile Agenda 12.02.2018 Elçin Öktem
Philippines Cancelled Helicopter Order Agenda 12.02.2018 Elçin Öktem
US Selects Oshkosh for FMTV A2 Agenda 12.02.2018 Elçin Öktem
USAF Determined a Roadmap For Bombers Agenda 12.02.2018 Elçin Öktem
Russian Navy to get amphibious assault ship before summer Agenda 10.02.2018 Özgür Ekşi
Two Black Hawk for Gendermarie Agenda 10.02.2018 Özgür Ekşi
OTOKAR Emphasis on Being Entirely Local Agenda 09.02.2018 Özgür Ekşi
Order for 1000 land vehicles Agenda 09.02.2018 Özgür Ekşi
China's New Unmanned Helo, at Singapore Airshow Agenda 09.02.2018 Elçin Öktem
ELINT Variant of C-2 Began Flight Tests Agenda 09.02.2018 Elçin Öktem
USN Insists On Delay, Pentagon Opposes Agenda 09.02.2018 Elçin Öktem
Su-30 Upgrade To Begin This Year Agenda 09.02.2018 Elçin Öktem
Slovenia To Buy Boxer 8x8 Agenda 09.02.2018 Elçin Öktem
Su-57 Contract Expected Soon Agenda 09.02.2018 Elçin Öktem
58th Issue Sector News Magazine News 09.02.2018 Elçin Öktem
Alp Aviation, On its Way to Indigenous Programs Magazine News 09.02.2018 Özgür Ekşi
SSİK: Silent and Deep… Magazine News 09.02.2018 Özgür Ekşi
AIRBUS, Partner of Turkish Aviation! Magazine News 09.02.2018 Özgür Ekşi
Big Trump and National Security Strategy Magazine News 09.02.2018 Özgür Ekşi
Making Enemies Equals Running to Hell! Magazine News 09.02.2018 Özgür Ekşi
Australia Girded Loins Magazine News 09.02.2018 Özgür Ekşi
$20bn Ship Magazine News 09.02.2018 Özgür Ekşi
JASSM-ER Declared Operational on F-15Es Agenda 08.02.2018 Elçin Öktem
Greece To Lease Heron UAVs Agenda 08.02.2018 Elçin Öktem
Kongsberg Awarded Two JSF Contracts Agenda 08.02.2018 Elçin Öktem
Israel's New Decoy Unveiled in Singapore Agenda 08.02.2018 Elçin Öktem
Iranian Strike-Capable UAV Goes Into Serial Production Agenda 08.02.2018 Elçin Öktem
India Successfully Test-fired 'Agni I' Agenda 08.02.2018 Elçin Öktem
Last Day on Altay Agenda 08.02.2018 Elçin Öktem
Maiden Flight of Hawk-i with Indigenous RTOS Agenda 07.02.2018 Elçin Öktem
PAC-3 Contract to Lockheed Agenda 07.02.2018 Elçin Öktem
UK Army Unveils Sky Sabre Air Defence System Agenda 07.02.2018 Elçin Öktem
China's New UAV Concept Unveiled in Singapore Agenda 07.02.2018 Elçin Öktem
China Conducted Mid-course Anti-missile Test Agenda 07.02.2018 Elçin Öktem
29th Atak Helicopter Delivered Agenda 07.02.2018 Elçin Öktem
Lockheed, Rheinmetall Team Up for Helo Tender Agenda 07.02.2018 Elçin Öktem
Thailand Opted For Russian Rifles Agenda 06.02.2018 Elçin Öktem
Russian Rotary-wing Drone Awaits 2019 Agenda 06.02.2018 Elçin Öktem
Ninth Vessel Meets With The Sea Agenda 06.02.2018 Elçin Öktem
Laser-guided Rocket Trial by H145M Agenda 06.02.2018 Elçin Öktem
Rotary-wing Platform Tests Began Agenda 06.02.2018 Elçin Öktem
UTC Contribution to KF-X Agenda 06.02.2018 Elçin Öktem
Launch Customer of Rockwell Collins, Taiwan Agenda 05.02.2018 Elçin Öktem
Pakistan, Pleased With JF-17 Live-fire Tests Agenda 05.02.2018 Elçin Öktem
DARPA Done Its Turn Agenda 05.02.2018 Elçin Öktem
GD to Invest $2 Billion in Shipyards Agenda 05.02.2018 Elçin Öktem
Auto-GCAS Integration to F-35s Expected in 2019 Agenda 05.02.2018 Elçin Öktem
AK-12 Goes Into Serial Production Agenda 05.02.2018 Elçin Öktem
Chinese UAV Completed Live-fire Tests Agenda 05.02.2018 Elçin Öktem
Tests are OK Agenda 04.02.2018 Halil Zanapaoğlu
First Daegu Commisioned Agenda 04.02.2018 Halil Zanapaoğlu
ANKA-S, Entered Inventory Agenda 03.02.2018 Elçin Öktem
Prof. Dr. Faruk Yiğit Assigned to Deputy Undersecreteriat for Defence Industries Post Agenda 03.02.2018 Elçin Öktem
Bullseye from CH-4 Agenda 02.02.2018 Halil Zanapaoğlu
T-90 Tanks at Baghdad Agenda 02.02.2018 Halil Zanapaoğlu
Tests of Turkey's 'Hisar-O' Air Defence System Carried Out in Aksaray Agenda 02.02.2018 Elçin Öktem
Risky Flights Over Hypoxia Suspicion Agenda 02.02.2018 Elçin Öktem
TAI Will Attend Singapore Airshow Agenda 02.02.2018 Elçin Öktem
11th LCS Set To Enter Service Tomorrow Agenda 02.02.2018 Elçin Öktem
Global Modernization for 'Patriot' Agenda 02.02.2018 Elçin Öktem
Bofors 40 Boost for Hamina Class Agenda 02.02.2018 Elçin Öktem
H145M Armed Agenda 01.02.2018 Halil Zanapaoğlu
BMP-2M Deliveries has Begun Agenda 01.02.2018 Halil Zanapaoğlu
Brahmos Missile's Range to be Extended Agenda 01.02.2018 Elçin Öktem
Laser Weapon to USS Arleigh Burke Agenda 01.02.2018 Elçin Öktem
€1,1 Billion Investment in Mine Hunting Agenda 01.02.2018 Elçin Öktem
Safran to Lead ‘Furious’ Project Agenda 01.02.2018 Elçin Öktem
$2,4 Billion OPV Contract to Lürssen Agenda 01.02.2018 Özgür Ekşi
TAI Announcement Announcements 01.02.2018 Elçin Öktem
Third Submarine Launched Agenda 01.02.2018 Elçin Öktem
SM-3 Block IIA failed at Hawaii Agenda 01.02.2018 Özgür Ekşi
SSİK is over Agenda 31.01.2018 Özgür Ekşi
Altay To Be Modified for Tank Recovery Agenda 31.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
SSİK Gathers Today Agenda 31.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
Russia Placed First Tu-160M2 Order Agenda 31.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
Ukraine's 'Neptune' Successfully Tested Agenda 31.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
New Step In Thermobaric Munition Agenda 31.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
Industrialization of National Sonar System Completed Agenda 30.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
Black Hawks Increasing Agenda 30.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
TAI Press Release Announcements 30.01.2018 Özgür Ekşi
New Member to Chinese UAV Family Agenda 30.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
CIWS Upgrade to Canada Agenda 30.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
SSİK Meeting Expected Tomorrow Agenda 30.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
Maiden Flight from Hürkuş-B Agenda 29.01.2018 Özgür Ekşi
$500 Million Contract for THAAD Agenda 29.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
PKG-A Program Completed Agenda 29.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
Hawkeis in Iraq Agenda 29.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
Big Investment Agenda 27.01.2018 Halil Zanapaoğlu
Countdown for KC-46 Agenda 27.01.2018 Halil Zanapaoğlu
The Last PKG-A Boat Commissioned Agenda 26.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
Russia's New Tanker Conducted First Flight Agenda 26.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
HMS Forth, Handed Over To UK Agenda 26.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
First Cameri FACO F-35B Delivery to Italy Agenda 26.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
Argentina Receives First Five AB 206 Helicopters Agenda 26.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
T-50s Finally At Home Agenda 26.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
Demir: Altay MBT Decision To Be Made Soon Agenda 26.01.2018 Özgür Ekşi
Turkey, Guest of Honour In AFED'18 Agenda 26.01.2018 Halil Zanapaoğlu
Warthog Insist Agenda 25.01.2018 Halil Zanapaoğlu
Panther Paw for Austria Agenda 25.01.2018 Halil Zanapaoğlu
'Qadir' In Wargames Agenda 25.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
AARGM-ER Contract to Orbital ATK Agenda 25.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
Second Gulfstream CAEW Delivered To Italy Agenda 25.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
Thales Unveiled Bushmaster MR6 Agenda 25.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
Harpoon Block II+ Passed Tests Agenda 25.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
Airbus to Strengthen Cooperation With Turkey Agenda 25.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
DARPA Demands Hypersonic Engine Agenda 24.01.2018 Halil Zanapaoğlu
Next Level: CV90 MkIV Agenda 24.01.2018 Halil Zanapaoğlu
Indonesia Considers Boeing and Airbus for Tanker Acquisition Agenda 24.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
Armata Will Move Into Serial Production in 2020 Agenda 24.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
Retired Kiowa Warriors To Boost Greek Army Agenda 24.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
A First in the World: All-aluminum Engine For Aircraft Agenda 24.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
Additional C295 Decision by Brazil Agenda 24.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
First At-sea Refueling by MV Asterix Agenda 24.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
Self Defence Mission for F-35 Agenda 24.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
S-400 Negotiations Locked Agenda 23.01.2018 Halil Zanapaoğlu
F-35 Bids from Turkish Companies Agenda 23.01.2018 Halil Zanapaoğlu
Russia, Myanmar Agreed In Principle Agenda 23.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
The Latest Eurofighter Version Delivered Agenda 23.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
The US Army's Inflatable SatCom System Moves Into Serial Production Agenda 23.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
Submarine Intensity Increases in the Far East Agenda 20.01.2018 Halil Zanapaoğlu
Bid Time for ACV 1.1 Agenda 20.01.2018 Halil Zanapaoğlu
Hisar-O Tests at Salt Lake Agenda 20.01.2018 Halil Zanapaoğlu
Delay on S-400 Agenda 19.01.2018 Halil Zanapaoğlu
UAV Competition Agenda 19.01.2018 Halil Zanapaoğlu
Mine Clearance Mission to Altay Agenda 19.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
Carrier Rotary Wing Trials Set To Begin Agenda 19.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
Special Op Vehicle Boost to New Zealand Agenda 19.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
Bulgaria's Su-25 Fleet Grounded Agenda 19.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
Israel Going Mobile Agenda 19.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
J-20 Conducted First Exercise Agenda 19.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
Countdown Began for New Transport Aircraft Agenda 19.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
New Base to US Navy Agenda 19.01.2018 Halil Zanapaoğlu
US Offers 'SuperCobra' Agenda 18.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
G36 To Replace AK-4 Agenda 18.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
'Spike' Deal Back on the Table Agenda 18.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
S-400 Deliveries to China Commenced Agenda 18.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
$500 Million Rifle Purchase by India Agenda 18.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
'High' Collaboration in UAVs Agenda 18.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
Stinger Again Agenda 18.01.2018 Halil Zanapaoğlu
OSV-96 at Asia Agenda 18.01.2018 Halil Zanapaoğlu
B-52s To Assume Responsibility from Lancers Agenda 17.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
India Simplifies Procurement Procedures Agenda 17.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
Sarsılmaz Ranked First in the Handgun Race Agenda 17.01.2018 Özgür Ekşi
Norway, Finland Cooperates In Missile Systems Agenda 17.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
F-35 Qualification to Nimitz Agenda 17.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
ASELSAN Announcement Announcements 17.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
IN, Wants $25 Billion for Third Carrier Agenda 17.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
Poland Invites Leonardo For Talks Agenda 17.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
Modernized 'Pechora' Passed Tests Agenda 17.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
New Submarines Launched Agenda 16.01.2018 Halil Zanapaoğlu
TF-X Discussed Agenda 16.01.2018 Halil Zanapaoğlu
Transition to Domestic Systems in Air Defence Agenda 16.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
Leonardo To Lead The EU Project Agenda 16.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
India Retired Two Corvettes Agenda 16.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
PLAN Inducts Type 054A Frigate Agenda 16.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
HMS Audacious Completes First Dive Agenda 16.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
Deal Inked on National Defence System Agenda 16.01.2018 Özgür Ekşi
T-50's Stuck in Malaysia Agenda 16.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
'CODE' Program Moves Into 3rd Phase Agenda 15.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
Blackbird Replacement Concept by Boeing Agenda 15.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
Target 'Reduced' In Frigate Program Agenda 15.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
Radar Defect Will Cost Belgium 18 Months Agenda 15.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
2018's First Exercise to Focus on Landing on Highways Agenda 15.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
T-50 Deliveries to Thailand Delayed Agenda 15.01.2018 Elçin Öktem
US Army Realigns AH-64E Apache FOTE Agenda 15.01.2018 Elçin Öktem