$541 Million to Build 11 Corvettes

$541 Million to Build 11 Corvettes December 15, 2018

Taiwanese domestic company Lung Teh Shipbuilding awarded contract to build 11 Tuo Chiang-class corvettes and four minelayers for the country's Navy, reported Liberty Times. The Chungshan Institute of Science and Technology has announced that plans to mass produce the Tuo Chiang-class corvette have been finalized and Lung Teh Shipbuilding has been selected as the contractor to produce the ships. The corvettes are to outfitted with air defence and anti-ship weaponry, but will not have anti-submarine capabilities. The ships will have a displacement of less than 700 tonnes. With construction commencing next year, the Republic of China Navy (ROCN) will receive all 11 wave-piercing catamaran hulls before 2026. The rapid minelaying craft project has also been awarded to Lung Teh Shipbuilding's shipyard in Yilan.

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