‘Twin-tailed Scorpion’ Completed Maiden Flight

‘Twin-tailed Scorpion’ Completed Maiden Flight 13 October, 2017

China's TB001 armed reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) has made its maiden flight on 26 September. Chinese company Tengoen had unveiled TB001 ‘Twin-tailed Scorpion’ at the 14th China–Association of Southeast Asian Nations Expo held between 12 to 15 September this year. 

The platform has a wingspan of 20 m, a maximum take-off weight of 2 thousand 800 kg, a flight ceiling of 8 thousand m, a maximum range of 6 thousand km, and an endurance of 35 hours, according to information provided by the company. It is optimized for satellite control as well as an electro-optical targeting sensor. It can also be equipped with armaments, such as small missile launchers, for a total of 220 pounds of ordnance.

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