'SAGITTA' Carried Out Maiden Flight

'SAGITTA' Carried Out Maiden Flight 19 July, 2017

Airbus Defence and Space has successfully carried out the maiden flight of its new unmanned jet-propelled demonstrator with the project name SAGITTA. The UAV flew for seven minutes on a pre-programmed course, according to the company's news release. This flight marked the successful completion of the first test phase, which also comprised an extensive series of ground tests. 

Project SAGITTA, a national initiative that brings industry and academic partners together, has been initiated in 2010. The airframe of the demonstrator UAV is produced completely from carbon fibre composite (CFC). The platform is controlled by electromechanical actuators instead of hydraulic components.

Head of Engineering at Airbus Defence and Space Grazia Vittadini said, “We are increasingly shifting our focus towards these kinds of innovative concepts, in particular for the development of UAVs, so that we can develop products quickly and efficiently for a growing market.”

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