100th A400M

100th A400M 17 August, 2020

The A400M, which has a history dating back to the FIMA (Future International Military Airlifter Project) launched in 1982, left behind an important milestone.

The 100th A400M Atlas transport aircraft, jointly developed by European countries and manufactured by Airbus as the main contractor, rolled out the production line last month. The aircraft, which entered the Luftwaffe (German Air Force) inventory, will serve there with 54+33 serial number. Within the scope of the process, the production activities of the aircraft started in 2007. Airbus has also released a video on its official social media accounts about the manufacturing process of the aircraft with serial number MSN100.

In the program, which was initiated to develop a tactical transport aircraft with strategic features, the A400M met the sky for the first time on December 11, 2009. Turkish Air Force also referred to airlifter, which successfully serving in inventory, as Koca Yusuf. Platforms also delivered to medical assistance equipment to countries. A400M transport aircraft made its first operational mission in Mali with the French Air Force. Atlases, which can carry 116 fully equipped paratroopers, have a maximum take-off weight  141,000 kilograms. The aircraft has a 37,000 kilograms payload capacity and reach a 4,500 kilometres range with 30,000 kilograms payload.

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100th A400M

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