1L220UK to Detect Artillery

1L220UK to Detect Artillery 26 June, 2018

Ukraine has introduced a new artillery detection system. Ukroboronprom's subsidiary SE Iskra developed the the 1L220UK mobile artillery detection radar. The system developed for the protection of civilians and military units against artillery fire and destroying threat battery can detect threats (rocket or artillery shells, mortar rounds, missiles). The platform, which is resistant to counter-fire and electronic warfare, has low visibility. Platform can detect threats 10 kilometers distances, follows the flight path of the incoming ammunition and calculates the shooting position with high precision. 1L220UK, which can also effective under low visibility conditions, reduces the time for the fire mission to two times, while reducing the amount of ammunition to three times. 1L220UK can also detect enemy unmanned aerial vehicles, It can detect artillery fire from 30, mortar fire from 30 and tactical missiles from 55 to 80 kilometers distance.

Issue 86