15 Exhibitions to Attend in 2020

15 Exhibitions to Attend in 2020 October 30, 2019

Expos to be nationally attended for 2020 are announced. A total of 15 fairs will be attended in 2020. Two of these fairs are in Turkey and Germany. Remaining expos are in Qatar, Chile, Malaysia, France, United Kingdom, Azerbaijan, Republic of South Africa, the Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia. The Defence Industry Presidency (SSB) will provide national participation to nine of the fairs. Defence and Aerospace Industry Exporters’ Association (SSI) will provide national participation to three of them, while two will have information stands. The nine national fairs that the SSB will participate in are as follows; DIMDEX 2020 - Doha / QATAR, FIDAE 2020 - Santiago / CHILE, DSA 2020 - Kuala Lumpur / MALAYSIA, EUROSATORY 2020 - Paris / FRANCE, ADEX 2020 - Baku / AZERBAIJAN, AAD 2020 - Pretoria / SOUTH AFRICA, ADAS 2020- Manila / PHILIPPINES , INDO DEFENSE 2020- Jakarta / INDONESIA, IDEAS 2020- Karachi / PAKISTAN. The three national fairs that SSI will participate are as follows: IWA 2020- Nürnberg / GERMANY, AIRCRAFT INTERIORS EXPO, 2020- 2020 Hamburg / GERMANY, FARNBOROUGH 2020 - London / United Kingdom. SSI will open a communication stand at SEDEC 2020 and ICDDA 2020 at two events in Ankara.

Detailed information about the fairs can be found on the C4Defence event page.

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