500th Apache Guardian Delivery

500th Apache Guardian Delivery 24 April, 2020

The AH-64 Apache helicopter, which has been on the battlefield since 1975 when it made its first flight under the name YAH-64, left an important milestone behind.

Boeing, one of the leading aviation companies of the USA, announced that the 500th AH-64E Apache Guardian helicopter was delivered to the US Army. Platforms that offer important features such as joint digital interoperability, advanced situational awareness, digital avionics as well as lower maintenance costs compared to their predecessors operate in many countries' inventory.

The E model of the platforms, which have served about 4.5 million flight hours since the day they started to duty in the US Army, is called the Apache Guardian. Attack helicopters, which stand out with their survivability, have a Joint Tactical Information Distribution System, a more powerful T700-GE-701D turboshaft engine and an advanced gearbox than its predecessor. Platforms possess full IFR flight capability. Work is underway to replace the rotor blades currently used in AH-64Es, equipped with higher-strength landing gear, with new generation advanced composite blades.

500th Apache Guardian Delivery

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