52 Super Mushshak to Turkey

52 Super Mushshak to Turkey 23 November, 2016

Turkey and Pakistan signed a contract regarding the acquisition of 52 Super Mushshak aircraft at International Defence Fair IDEAS 2016 held in Karachi. Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC) designed the aircraft, which are to replace Cessna T41D ve SF260, under the Basic Training Aircraft (BTA) project. Single-engine propeller aircraft will be used by Turkish Air Force at flight encouragement and pilotage initial phases. Pilot candidates will receive advanced training on KT-1T and Hurkus-B aircraft, after completing their training on Super Mushshak.

Pakistan utilizes the aircraft for close support with weapons mounted below the wings. Super Mushshak is able to carry a payload of 300 kilograms. The current operators of the aircraft is Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Qatar and Syria.

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