62 Titus will Enter the Inventory

62 Titus will Enter the Inventory 13 July, 2019


Czech Republic signed a contract with Nexter to supply 62 Nexter Titus multirole armoured vehicles. Titus, a new generation of armoured vehicles offering high protection and mobility to the support and transportation needs of modern armies. The platform mobility chain was developed in cooperation with Czech supplier Tatra Trucks. A “Homeland Security” kit is available, matching more specifically the needs of police and security forces.

Nexter’s Titus offers a high degree of protection, with the ability to withstand a 50kg IED blast. The vehicle has range of 700 km and is powered by a Cummins 500hp engine, which offers a maximum speed of 110 km/h. The platform can be equipped with a remote-controlled weapon system. Czech Republic Ministry of Defence order is about three variants of Titus: command post (CP), transmissions/signals, and artillery fire coordination post.

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