7,62×35mm Ammunition, an Alternative ?

7,62×35mm Ammunition, an Alternative ? 15 January, 2018

“New age conflicts require new weapons. The newest favourite in close quarter battles which predominantly occur in urban areas is the infantry rifle with its high-accuracy, easy-to-use ammunition in high and low velocities with a high hit rate…”

As armed conflicts predominantly occur in urban areas in the last 20 years, army and security forces seem to prefer infantry rifles that are suitable for close quarter battles (0 to 50 meters) thanks to their high-accuracy, easy-to-use ammunition both in high and low velocities instead of long-range ammunition with high kinetic energy developed according to urban and trench warfare requirements. 1

Although this tendency brought weapons with ammunition of 5.56×45 mm in popularity among all modern army and security forces, the insufficient capability of this ammo to penetrate intermediate targets (live or inanimate objects between the actual target and the barrel), which is an exclusive feature of close quarter battles, created the need to develop a more effective ammunition.

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