A400M Acts as Tanker

A400M Acts as Tanker 9 July, 2019


The German Air Force Luftwaffe cleared the A400M for air-to-air refuelling, and has also deployed an A400M to Jordan on its first operational air tanker mission.

The A400M is now being tested abroad as a tanker aircraft as part of Operation Counter ISIS, it refuels German and Allied aircraft in the air.

Since August 2018, the certification of the A400M as refuelling aircraft in the AAR (Air-to-Air-Refuelling) version has been in progress. Air transport squadron (LTG) 62 from Wunstorf is the only Bundeswehr unit equipped with A400M.

As a tanker aircraft, the A400M can then refuel two aircraft at the same time. In total, around 40 tonnes of kerosene can be delivered, and up to ten aircraft can be refuelled in one hour.

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