A400M Certified to Low Level Automatic Flight

A400M Certified to Low Level Automatic Flight 1 June, 2020

Developing computer technologies reduce the need for aircraft for the pilot. New generation flight computers can automatically ensure the flight control and movement of the aircraft in the light of the data collected through sensors, especially in difficult conditions where visibility is limited. This is a factor that significantly increases flight safety.

Airbus announced that the first phase of the certification process of the Automatic Low-Level Flight System of the A400M military transport aircraft has been completed. In the experiments conducted in Pyrenees, France in April, the A400M automatically performed tasks such as automatic levelling and aerial delivery at 500 feet altitude AGL. After the tests completed under the visual conditions in the first phase, the aircraft will become fully operational by being certified in zero visibility environmental conditions in the second quarter of 2021.

Low-level flight capability is especially important for the platform's survivability when flying in enemy airspace. An important tactic that reduces the platform's detectability on the radar by hiding the platform as closely as possible behind the geographical elements. By transmitting the information from the sensors inside the aircraft to the flight computer and making this data meaningful by processing it, the aircraft will be able to fly safely even in zero visibility environments.

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A400M Certified to Low Level Automatic Flight

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