A400M Commisioned for COVID-19 Mission

A400M Commisioned for COVID-19 Mission 24 March, 2020

Due to the epidemic caused by the Coronavirus, state authorities went to alarm. Airbus also supports fighting with COVID-19 with the platforms it uses as a test aircraft.

The F-WTTO registered A330 NEO test aircraft in the Airbus company fleet recently took off from China and landed in Touluse with a load of medical equipment, devices and about 2 million masks from China. Yesterday, again, the company's EC-400 registered A400M created an air bridge between Touluse and Madrid. In this context, the platform received materials delivered from China; took-off from Touluse and arrived at the Getafe Air Base stationed in the Madrid. Thousands of masks and medical supplies are aimed to contribute to Spain's fight against COVID-19.

The company stated that it will continue its contribution to the worldwide COVID-19 fight with the flights planned to take place in the coming days.

A400M Commisioned for COVID-19 Mission

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