A400M: Ender recognizes "huge mistakes" 30 May, 2016

Cracks and engine failures on A400M, force the president of Airbus Group Tom Enders, to admit where they made mistake. According to Enders, the first mistake was to entrust the engine for the A400M to inexperienced consortium of this type of propulsion.

In an interview with German newspaper "Bild", the president of Airbus Group, Tom Enders, recognizes that "huge mistakes" were made in the development of the A400M military transport. "We underestimated the engine problems and we caught up with this original sin," he says.

When starting the program, we have been convinced by renowned European government leaders to entrust engines inexperienced consortium while endorsing ourselves the responsibility for turboprop of a new kind," the president Group of Airbus adding "this has made two huge mistakes for which we really have to pay."

The Airbus A400M is powered by Europrop International TP400-D6 turboprop engine developed by a consortium of European engine: German MTU Aero Engines, the French Aircraft Engines Safran (formerly Snecma), the British Rolls Royce and ITP Spanish. Italian Avio is added to some parts.

"It would be a great mistake to abandon the A400M because this machine has enormous potential," the president of Airbus Group.

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