New User for A400M

New User for A400M 5 August, 2020

The production process of the A400M transport aircraft program continues at full speed.

There has been good news for Belgium, which recently retired a C-130H Hercules transport aircraft. Airbus, one of the world's leading aircraft manufacturers, announced that the first A400M manufactured for the Belgian Air Force meets the sky. Within the scope of the activity, the platform numbered MSN106 performed its first flight on July 30 at the facilities in Seville, Spain, which also based the final assembly line.

It is stated that MSN106, which is stated to be CT-02 serial number in the user inventory, applied the standard first flight test procedure while airborne. It was announced that the delegation in Spain for the delivery process would start the acceptance procedure in a short time. The Belgian Air Force, which currently has eight A00M orders, plans to deploy all of the platforms on the 15th Air Transport Wing, which operates at the Melsbroek Air Base stationed in Brussels.

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New User for A400M

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