Attack Reconnaissance Aircraft for US Army

Attack Reconnaissance Aircraft for US Army 17 April, 2019


AVX Aircraft and L3 Technologies companies introduced Future Attack Reconnaissance Aircraft for US Army. The helicopter has a single-engine, coaxial rotor, a wing and two ducted pusher propellers on its aft fuselage. The wing provides to 50% of the rotorcraft’s lift during high-speed flight.

Co-axial design of the prototype has similarities to Sikorsky’s S-97 Raider. AVX Aircraft chief operating officer Kendall Goodman says that their design was more of a conventional soft-in-plane rotor system. This means that the vibrations and the loads that go into the transmission are much lower. That allows to have a lower empty weight, so you get more lifting power out of the engine. The new design also allows it more cabin room.

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