ACV-15 of FNSS Become Unmanned

ACV-15 of FNSS Become Unmanned 27 May, 2020

FNSS production ZMA-15 (Armoured Combat Vehicle-15), which constitutes the backbone of the Turkish mechanised armoured vehicle power, will become unmanned.

ZMA-15 Modernization Agreement was signed between ASELSAN and the PResidency of Defence Industries on December 31, 2019, with 900 million Turkish Liras cost. In the following process, the main contractor company signed a Subcontracting Agreement with FNSS. In this context, it has been announced that platforms will be equipped with Nefer stabilised gun system, which armed with 25 mm cannon, Laser Warning System, Close Range Surveillance System, Driver Vision System, Direction Finding and Navigation System.

During process that the first time ANS-420K Tactical Positioning System will enter the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) inventory, ZMA-15 will become unmanned. In the process to be carried out as a technology demonstration work, unmanned command-control equipment and Pulat Active Protection System will be integrated into some vehicles. Thus, the heavy-class unmanned ground vehicle (UGV), which is predicted to change the balances on the battlefield in the future, will be an important step in its field.

At the IDEF 2019 International Defence Industry Fair, FNSS introduced the Gölge Süvari (Shadow Cavalry) Vehicle system, which will convert any military ground platform to unmanned ground vehicle, on an M113 armoured personnel carrier. The hardware, allows the platforms to manned usage. Shadow Cavalry offers the infrastructure that suitable for performing tasks such as logistic support, engineering, mine clearance, and weapon platform.

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ACV-15 of FNSS Become Unmanned

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