Additional 250 Million Euros For Modernization Of The Bundeswehr

Additional 250 Million Euros For Modernization Of The Bundeswehr 3 December, 2018

The Bundestag’s Budget Committee approved on Wednesday a total funding of around 250 million euros for modernisation. This term includes all procurement projects of the Bundeswehr whose total value exceeds 25 million euros.

German Armed Forces will acquire seven new fully equipped Air Utility Helicopter Search and Rescue (LUH-SAR) SAR helicopters by Airbus Helicopters by the end of 2020 to replace Bell UH-1D.  The acquisition will cost 72.4 million euros including crew training

32 unprotected military tractors will be replaced by demand-oriented manner with protected semi-trailer tractors of similar construction costing around 28.5 million euros.

18 MARS rocket launchers will be upgraded to the MARS II standard at a cost of about 42 million euros.

A contract for the production and delivery of battlefield equipment and universal transport platforms, as well as their integration into 69 Bergepanzer 3 Buffalo recovery armoured vehicles was also approved. This will cost approximately € 29.9 million.

The cost of deployment of unmanned Heron 1 aircraft system in Afghanistan will be 49.4 million euros by the end of May 2020, or 43.8 million for use in Mali by the end of July 2020.

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