Additional AEW&C Procurement

Additional AEW&C Procurement 30 June, 2020

Air early warning and control aircraft are one of the most suitable solutions for radar gaps occurring in mountainous areas and for aerial command and control of fleets.

Having to keep an army capable and well equipped against the northern threat, the Republic of Korea has acted to acquire additional Airborne Early Warning and Control (Airborne Early Warning & Control) aircraft. The country's Defence Project Promotion Committee gave the necessary approval for the procurement of the platform on 26 June. Defence Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA) stated that Seoul has allocated $ 1.32 billion budget for AEW&C procurement.

Ther are four E-737 AEW&C aircraft in the inventory of the Republic of Korea Air Force (ROKAF), which are procured under the Peace Eye Program. In the defence lobby, the request of the force to acquire two additional aircraft in question came up in the process.

Four of the platforms named as E-737 AEW&C, E-7 Wedgetail, E-7T Peace Eagle are currently using by the Turkish Air Force Command.

Additional AEW&C Procurement

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