Additional Amphibious Vehicle to Marines

Additional Amphibious Vehicle to Marines 27 February, 2020

The works carried out within the scope of the replce and modernisation of the armoured vehicle capability of the Marine force are ongoing. BAE Systems made statements about the process.

A new procurement was announced in the ACV Program, which was launched for the replace aging AAV7s in the US Marine Corps inventory. In this context, the Marines will receive 26 additional ACVs (Amphibious Combat Vehicle). While the number of vehicles to be supplied within the scope of LRIP (Low Rate Initial Production / Low Density Beginner Production) increased to 116 units with the last order, the USA stated that mass production phase getting close with this step.

The ACV, planned to replace AAV7 tracked vehicles in the US inventory, is in an 8x8 configuration. The platform developed by IVECO company propelled by a six-cylinder 700 HP engine. In addition to its mine-protected hull, the seat structure that absorbs the blast of the explosion provides superior protection to the three crews and 10 personnel that it carries.

Additional Amphibious Vehicle to Marines

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