Additional Assault Rifle Announcement

Additional Assault Rifle Announcement 19 July, 2020

Continuing its development and change since its first appearance in history, infantry rifles remain important for the armies.

Australia continues its procurement activities, which starts replacing programs to modernize the army and expand its capabilities. According to Canberra's statement, the Australian Army will acquire 8,500 additional F88 (EF88) assault rifles. It is stated that the weapons will be distributed mainly to the 2nd Division, which is affiliated to the Army.

Australia received 30,000 F90 infantry rifles and Steyr Mannlicher production SL40 40 mm grenade launchers with the agreement signed with Thales Australia in 2015, which worth 70 million USD. Weapons also known as EF88 in army inventory are in bullpup configuration and use 5.56x45 mm cartridge. The rifle, with an empty weight of 3.39 kilograms, has a composite receiver and a firing mechanism that enables silent cocking.The platform, which is equipped with a MIL-STD 1913 Picatinny rail on the receiver and partially under the barrel, with 40 mm grenade launcher and different optical-electro optical sights.

Additional Assault Rifle Announcement

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