Additional IFV to the Army

Additional IFV to the Army 11 April, 2020

The arms procurement process continues throughout the world despite the virus disease.

Ukraine recently announced that it has received additional infantry fighting vehicles from the Czech Republic. Within the scope of the process carried out under the responsibility of UkrSpetsExport, a subsidiary of the state-owned company UkrOboronProm, the acceptance of the first batch of 37 BVP-1s was completed by the Ukrainian Ground Forces on April 2. It was stated that the said platforms were not used in active duty after production and kept in the storage for years.

BMP-1, which was developed during the Soviet Union and changed all the mechanized warfare doctrines known at that time, was produced under license in many countries. Production line established in the Czech Republic and many BMP-1s were manufactured under license and taken into the inventory under the name of BVP-1. The platforms have no major difference from BMP-1s except personnel comfort. The BVP-1s delivered to Ukraine were found to be deprived of 9M14 Malyutka antitank guided missile launchers located on 73 mm recoilless gun barrels. BMP / BVP-1s can be equipped with different Soviet / Russian / Ukrainian production anti-tank missiles.

Additional IFV to the Army

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