Additional Lazar 3 Protection for Infantry

Additional Lazar 3 Protection for Infantry 14 August, 2020

Having an important technology infrastructure in the land vehicles, Serbia continues to manufacture domestic platforms.

Giving importance to reinforcing the army with Lazar 3 8x8 wheeled armoured vehicles, Serbia announced that additional platforms will be acquired. In the statement made on the official website of the Ministry of Defence, it was announced that the production of new batch platforms has started.

The Lazar 3, which is compatible with weapon integration in different diameters from 12.7 mm to 30 mm including the M15 RCWS (Remote Controlled Weapon System), has high off-road performance thanks to its 8x8 independent suspension system. In the platforms, which are announced to have the opportunity to carry up to 3 + 9 personnel, crew safety has been increased with a spall liner as well as ballistic protection with modular armour and mines. The vehicle also has an air conditioning system suitable for use in different climatic conditions. Infantry can be involved in the conflict from inside the vehicle under armour protection, when necessary, thanks to five firing ports and periscopes positioned at the sides and two on rear. Lazar 3 has important off-road capability, which can reach a maximum speed of 110 km / h, can climb the slope of 60%, crossing the trenches of 2 meters; 1.6 metres deep wet gaps and climbing steep obstacles at 0.55 meters height.

Powered by a 500 HP diesel engine, Lazar 3s can reach 800 km operational range. The weight of the platforms can reach up to 32 tons, depending on the mission configuration and additional armour.

Additional Lazar 3 Protection for Infantry

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