Admiral Gorshkov Passed Air Defence Exam

Admiral Gorshkov Passed Air Defence Exam 26 October, 2018

Project 22350 class Admiral Gorshkov frigate, one of the newest platforms in Russia, completed its air defence training.

During missions and training activities conducted in the Barents Sea, the target missiles fired the ’Iceberg’ platform belonging to the Kola Fleet. Admiral Gorshkov frigate, which was accepted to Russian Navy on July 28th, carried out the air defence mission with Poliment-Redut systems against high speed targets from low altitude in the area closed to civil traffic. Russia said the ship destroyed all of its targets.

Russia's Poliment-Redut system developed for ships and can be fired from the vertical launchers. Poliment-Redut offers effective use against targets from an altitude of 30 kilometres at a range of 150 kilometres.

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