Advanced ShAK-12 Assault Rifles is Underway

Advanced ShAK-12 Assault Rifles is Underway 14 December, 2018

The equipment of the Russian law enforcement with the advanced ShAK-12 assault rifles, is underway, Yury Amelin, the representative of the Russian TsKIB SOO small arms design bureau, told Sputnik.

"The deliveries to the law enforcement are underway. ShAK is rather peculiar equipment, it is not designed for mass use even inside special ops units. We receive orders, we implement them under the state defence procurement program but [the assault rifles] were not intended to be manufactured in large volumes," Amelin said.

ShAK-12 was for the first time displayed at the DefexpoIndia-2018 defence industry show. The assault rifle uses 12,7х55 mm rounds and is effective for close-quarters combat.

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