ADVENT Integration Starts to TCG Anadolu

ADVENT Integration Starts to TCG Anadolu 2 January, 2020

TCG Anadolu, which has been launched in last weeks and will constitute an important power multiplier when it is started to use continues its integration activities.

TCG Anadolu, which will be the largest ship of the Turkish Navy when it put in inventory, will not only be largest in size. The platform will be able to carry 1 amphibious battalion for the operation in open seas without the main base support, with the necessary combat and support vehicles, to perform the landing operation and to coordinate the land, air and sea elements in the region. For this purpose, the integration of the ADVENT (Ağ Destekli Veri Entegre Savaş Yönetim Sistemi / Network Centric Data Integrated Combat Management System) combat management system, which developed by HAVELSAN with domestic capabilities, has started.

Firstly integrated into the Ada Class TCG Kınalıada (F 514) corvette, ADVENT is capable of network-centric warfare. Nearly 50 components, mainly electronic warfare equipment, have been integrated into the system, which enables the simultaneous connection of multiple vehicles with dual-band data links. In this way, the platform will be able to perform many tasks such as threat detection, diagnosis, assessment, planning and fire control and defence procedures.

In the news published by Anadolu Agency, the factory acceptance tests will be completed in 2020 and a Havelsan Office was established in Sedef Shipyard for ADVENT.

ADVENT Integration Starts to TCG Anadolu

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