AeroVironment Unveils Puma LE

AeroVironment Unveils Puma LE 16 October, 2019

US Company AeroVironment unveiled its new Puma LE unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) at the Association of the United States Army (AUSA) conference.

Wahid Nawabi, company president and CEO, said The Puma LE prototype, has already flown multiple times.

The aircraft weighs 10.2 kg and can be launched by hand or bungee. It is capable of performing two 5.5 hour missions enabled by a five-minute battery swap at the end of the first mission. The drone has 2.5 kg of total payload capacity. It features a secondary payload bay dedicated to the power supply. Puma LE is designed to perform tasks for electronic warfare (EW), communications relay, radio frequency (RF) emitter, and geolocation.

AeroVironment Unveils Puma LE

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