AESA Modernization to Eurofighter Typhoon

AESA Modernization to Eurofighter Typhoon 21 June, 2020

Germany continues to take steps to improve the capabilities of its armed forces and to increase the combat readiness, which Bundeswehr suffers for a long time.

The German Federal Assembly Bundestag announced that the Budget Committee approved the Eurofighter Typhoon modernization project. In the statement made on June 17, Hensoldt was determined as the main contractor. The company will modernize 79 Tranche 2 and 31 Eurofighter Typhoon Tranche 3A aircraft of the German Air Force (Luftwaffe) with Captor-E AESA (Active Electronically Scanned Array) radar equipment.

Captor-E offers the user greater coverage than conventional AESA radars. The system, which has a longer detection and tracking range, has track while scan feature. Captor-E, which can detect moving targets on the sea surface and on land, can also serve as a fire control radar.

AESA Modernization to Eurofighter Typhoon

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