AG600 Prepares for First Sea-Based Test Flight

AG600 Prepares for First Sea-Based Test Flight 8 April, 2020

The AG600, China's large amphibious aeroplane, is preparing in Hubei Province to conduct its first maritime test flight this year.

The aircraft has flown before.

The AG600 conducted its land-based maiden flight in Zhuhai, in December 2017 and its first water-based test flight over a reservoir in Jingmen in October 2018.

All previous flights took place from a controlled area like land and lake, unlike sea where conditions may vary.

The amphibious aircraft is expected to be delivered by 2022, the Xinhua News Agency reported.

About the size of a Boeing 737, the AG600 can fight forest fires, undertake water rescues, monitor the maritime environment and carry out patrol missions.

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