Heavyweight Torpedo Delivery to Latin America

Heavyweight Torpedo Delivery to Latin America 27 February, 2020

In addition to concept development and design studies, Naval Group continues its production and delivery processes.

The France-based company announced that the first batch of F21 533mm heavy torpedoes was delivered to the first export customer, Brazil. The parties did not make a statement about the number of torpedoes included in the delivery. Brazil plans to integrate the F21s into the newly acquired Scorpène-class submarines.

Naval Group, on the other hand, continues its efforts to export F21s to Greece. It was announced that the company prepared a proposal for the Hellenic Navy to replace aging SUT Mod0 and SST-4, which are used in Type 209 and Type 214 submarines. The company is expected to participate in the tender to be opened by Athens with 36 F21 proposals.

Wire guided F21s are hard to detech thanks to its electric drive system with low acoustic sign. Torpedoes that can reach a maximum range of 57 kilometers and have an acoustic homing system, can be used at a depth of 10 to 500 meters.

Heavyweight Torpedo Delivery to Latin America

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