AIRBUS, Partner of Turkish Aviation!

AIRBUS, Partner of Turkish Aviation! 9 February, 2018

Turkish Defence Industry, which specified an export target of $10bn by 2021 in line with the Undersecretariat for Defense Industries’ (SSM) International Cooperation and Export Strategy Plan for 2017-2021, not only situates itself in global markets with competitive indigenous products but also elevates its sub-contractor status to the level of strategic partner thanks to international collaborations. An exemplary case for this is the $5bn strategic partnership agreement concluded between Airbus and the SSM in late January.


Airbus has long been operational in Turkey in the civilian market with respect to Turkish airline companies particularly the Turkish Airlines, and in the military field in the scope of furnishing the Turkish Air Forces’ logistic fleet. Around 20 years ago, the company incorporated Turkish aviation companies in its supply chain owing to some contractual and strategic reasons. This situation was extremely important for Turkey, which had just begun to make its appearance in aviation industry; but for Airbus, it was perhaps a worrisome development at least at the very outset. Nevertheless, as maintained by the Chief Human Resources Officer at Airbus Thierry Baril, Turkish contractors made great performance, thus gaining the company’s admiration and trust. Henceforth, contributions by Turkish contractors in the supply chain increased on a daily basis to qualify eventually for major projects. Exactly at this point, the contract signed between Airbus and the SSM stands for Turkey’s receiving its Master’s degree in aviation manufacturing, which requires an impeccable perfectionism. Now it has become clear that Airbus, making enormous efforts to broaden its product lines on account of order overload ad expected deliveries, will proceed in partnership with Turkey throughout the contract period of 2020-2030.  

Issue 86