Airbus Calls Merging Tempest and FCAS

Airbus Calls Merging Tempest and FCAS 26 November, 2019

The new chief executive of Airbus Guillaume Faury has called for a single European fighter jet programme and warned that the continent needs to bolster its defence industry.

Faury spoke to British “The Times” Sunday edition, Sunday Times.

Faury, previously boss of Airbus’s commercial aircraft and helicopter divisions, said it would make sense to combine Europe’s two next-generation combat aircraft programmes — Tempest, which involves the UK, Italy and Sweden, and a Franco-German initiative.

“Europe needs one strong project for securing its air and space sovereignty,” he said. “Can we do one project today at the time of Brexit? Probably not. So it’s important that the FCAS [Franco-German project] keeps moving forward.

Will there be a possibility to have one European project at a later stage? I hope so.”

Faury’s interview came one week after international Fighter Conference held in Berlin. C4Defence learned that Turkish Fighter Programme (TF-X) was not involved in discussion topics.


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