Aircraft Carrier is Leaking

Aircraft Carrier is Leaking 19 December, 2017

The new flagship of the UK Navy, HMS Queen Elizabeth, is leaking. UK tabloid The Sun claimed that warship is letting in 200 litres of water every hour due to a faulty seal around one of its propeller shafts. Launched in June, the £3 billion ship will undergo repair work due to a design fault in the propeller shaft. The UK Secretary of Defence announced that the Aircraft Carrier Alliance of   BAE Systems will pay for the repairs. Company officials said the work will begin in the new year and will last a few days. HMS Queen Elizabeth, carrying a total of 700 personnel, 26 F-35 fighters and four helicopters, was expected to begin flight tests by 2018. The ship was inducted on December 7 with a ceremony attended by Queen Elizabeth.

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