Smart Anti-Aircraft Round Test

Smart Anti-Aircraft Round Test 17 June, 2020

Advances in microelectronics technology have also made air defence ammunition smarter. The projectiles, which had previously been adjusted by hand according to distance estimation and the timed fuse before the shooting, then exploded when reaching the approximate range, creating a deadly cloud near the target. New generation ammunition can be programmed with the electronic subcomponents for the highest damage to the enemy element.

Serbia test-fired a 40 mm smart air defence ammunition, which was developed with domestic capabilities. PASARS 6x6 self-propelled anti-aircraft gun fired on ground targets in Miokovci Firing Range. The detonation time of the ammunition, which developed by the Sloboda Company, can be programmed with radio frequency in the light of the data received from the fire control radar. The time adjusted electronic fuse provides the highest possible damage to the target by detonating the round, which contains tungsten fragments, at the previously calculated point. In addition, the ammunition in question provides the maximum effect by exploding above the enemy elements behind the cover during an engagement to ground targets.

Smart Anti-Aircraft Round Test

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