Aksungur Carrying F-16’s Payload

Aksungur Carrying F-16’s Payload 10 September, 2020


Aksungur UAV, manufactured by Turkish Aerospace Industries (TUSAŞ), has gained a new capability. The UAV  has flown for 49 hours (2 days and 1 hour), in the past days. Defence Industry President Prof. İsmail Demir reported on his social media accounts that Aksungur UAV successfully tested MK-82 ammunition with Teber laser guidance kit. Thus, Aksungur used the MK-82 ammunition for the combat load of the F-16s. Since the ammunition includes the Teber smart guidance kit produced by Roketsan, it became easier to hit the target. Thus, Aksungur became the first Turkish UAV to deliver a 227 kg ammunition with 89 kg warhead "delivered to the address" with laser guidance.

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Aksungur Carrying F-16’s Payload

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