ESM to Aksungur

ESM to Aksungur June 24, 2019

In Paris Air Show 2019, which is one of the most important events of the aviation sector which held at Le Bourget Airport, TUSAŞ exhibited models of some of its products. Models of products such as 10 Tons Class Utility Helicopter, Hürkuş, Hürkuş-C were exhibited at the company booth in the static display area. Among these models, a remarkable change has seen on Aksungur model.

Photographs and conceptual images of Aksungur which were exhibited for the first time at IDEF 2019 did not include any equipment on the nose structure of the aircraft. However, in the model exhibited at Le Bourge, two antenna structures on the nose of the platform are noticed.  According to C4Defence, these new additions are ESM (Electronic Surveillance Measures or Electronic Warfare Support Measures) antennas. This equipment, which is an ES (Electronic Support) equipment, can detect, identify, locate, record and analyze by performing passive listening of electromagnetic elements in the environment. In this way, important intelligence information about enemy elements, can be collected and archived without detecting the other party.

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ESM to Aksungur

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