Operation Payloaded Record from Aksungur

Operation Payloaded Record from Aksungur 17 September, 2020

Turkish Aerospace Industries (TUSAS) announced the next stage AKSUNGUR UAV has reached with its announcement on its official Twitter account. In the statement, “Aksungur, the domestic and national product of our country, flew for the first time with 12 MAM-L with full ammunition at an altitude of 20,000 feet (approximately 6,000 meters) for 28 hours. His statement was included.
Aksungur, previously carried MK-82 with a Teber guidance kit weighing about 250 kg. This time Aksungur carried 12 MAM-L with a weight of 22 kg each and flew 28 hours at an altitude of 20 thousand feet. Total payload is 264 kg. It was theoretically understood that there was no obstacle for Aksungur from serving at the same altitude as MK-82.

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Operation Payloaded Record from Aksungur

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