Acoustic Target: Indigeneity 16 March, 2019

Koç Information and Defence Technologies Inc. proceeds according to a vision of national and indigenous product development based on R&D. With a particular focus on underwater acoustics, the Company yields unique outputs in this area. We came together with the Director of Koç Information and Defence Technologies Inc., Dr. Hakan Başaran and Engineering Manager Mehmet Hakan Öktem to elaborate on the Company’s products as well as vision.

C4Defence: Why did Koç Information and Defence Technologies choose to work on underwater acoustics? What is the objective behind this decision?

Koç Information and Defence Technologies Director, Dr. Hakan Başaran: Initially, we had plans to operate in the areas of underwater acoustics, command-control and simulation. Then, we noticed that the command-control and simulation areas were already crowded and that there were already products at the development stage. Hence, we preferred to focus on underwater acoustics, which is already one of our main areas of expertise.

We introduced solutions based on unique R&D work. We pursued a balanced and planned growth with major support provided by TÜBİTAK to create the necessary infrastructure and conduct some specific projects.

Issue 86