Alka Shield to Drones

Alka Shield to Drones 8 October, 2019

Participating in Arms and Security 2019 with its unique products, Roketsan exhibits the Alka directed energy system in Kiev.

Alka, which the company has developed with its own resources, has an internal detection system. Thus, the system can operate without the need for an additional detection and observation system can be effectively use against drones and can detect different sizes of UAVs. Alka, which has radio frequency based electronic attack system and signal jamming systemer system as well as laser weapon system, can perform interception tasks at different ranges according to the type of target.

The system, capable of detecting and automatically tracking targets even moving at a speed of 150 km / h, is able to track multiple targets in all weather conditions. With a design that reduces the workload of the user, the system can be effective against different targets including jamming at 4,000 meters range, electronic attack at 1000 meters range and laser system at 500 meters range.

Alka Shield to Drones

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