Alkar Gets Smaller

Alkar Gets Smaller 2 May, 2019

ASELSAN's 120-mm automatic mortar system, Alkar, got smaller. The system was also adapted to 81 mm mortars.

Alkar 81 mm, which has a shock absorption system, can absorb the recoil of 30 tons of 81 mm mortars used on the ground and reduce it to 6 tons. In addition to its very small structure, the system can be used on 4x4 tactical wheeled vehicles. Thanks to its modular structure, the system can be adapted to different types of 81 mm mortar guns and requires very small modifications. It is loaded manually through the muzzle and has a fixed automatic firing pin. The barrel is directed and elevated fully automatically after the target location is chosen on the map or the coordinates are entered. Its advanced ballistic computer allows Alkar 81 mm to adjust to meteorological conditions. In this way, high precision shots can be executed by ballistic calculation according to ammunition type, environmental conditions and weather data. During IDEF'19, the system, which provides a significant fire advantage even in asymmetrical settings, is displayed on a 4x4 tactical wheeled vehicle. 

Alkar Gets Smaller

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