Turkish Company from Germany to France: Ekin 21 November, 2019


Having joined the Milipol Exhibition held in France from Germany, Turkey-based company Ekin unveiled the new product. A single headlamp called “Ekin PATROL G2” that contains all hardware and software for a smart patrol mission. The intelligent mobile patrol system is capable of license plate recognition, face recognition, parking and speed violation detection while moving.

Ekin Patrol G2, is designed in the concept of a headlamp for vehicles such as police, gendarmerie and fire brigade to increase the safety of cities, can detect the license plates and speed of vehicles up to seven lanes. The system can detect parking violations even for cars parked very close to each other.

The Ekin Patrol G2 can operate without the need for extra equipment in the trunk or other vehicles. The system recognises the cars in the blacklist through their license plates. It alerts both the control centre and the user visually or visually via the tablet application.

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Turkish Company from Germany to France: Ekin

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